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2020 Jewelry Holiday Gift Guide

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2020 Jewelry Holiday Gift Guide

2020 has been an unpredictable year filled with unique challenges and difficult moments. The holiday season is a great time to uplift the spirits of friends and loved ones with thoughtful gifts that come straight from the heart. From timeless, no-fail pieces to unique selections appropriate for the moment, our 2020 jewelry holiday gift guide provides some great ideas for the people on your list.

Something Small


A proposal is an overwhelming moment that lives in the heart forever. Rekindle that feeling by giving her an engagement ring Christmas ornament that honors that unforgettable day. Every time she looks at the tree, she’ll experience a flush of excitement as she remembers the way she felt when you asked that magical question.

Something for Now


The COVID-19 pandemic has upended our lives in a number of ways. As we all work to limit the spread, masks have become an everyday fact of life. Show her they don’t have to dampen her style with a compellingly stylish face mask chain.

Whether made with her birthstones, beads or sparkling gold, these lanyard-style accessories look like necklaces and function like eyeglass chains, keeping her mask within easy reach and helping her show off her indomitable sense of style.

Something to Help Her Shine


If you really want to hit the mark this holiday season, go with a pair of diamond stud earrings. Timeless and sophisticated, this stunning classic goes with almost everything. Whether she's at a business meeting, a cocktail party or a casual brunch with friends, diamond earrings add just the right touch to any ensemble.

jewelry holiday gift guide earrings

John Atencio’s distinctive selection of intensely brilliant diamond studs include martini or bezel sets with stones ranging from G-H in Color and SI1 in clarity. Available from 1/4 carat to 4 carat, every diamond is responsibly-sourced, with 100%-traceable origins.

The clean lines, graceful artistry and stunning sparkle attract attention without overpowering the eye. The little black dress of jewelry, diamond studs have a sleek, versatile style that will never get in her way. The exceptional quality, integrity and distinct beauty of John Atencio diamond studs create a sure-thing gift that's guaranteed to have her smiling in 2020 and beyond.

Something to Lift Her Up


We’ve all had to make sacrifices during this tumultuous year. Show her you appreciate her resiliency with an eye-opening gift that really brings a “wow” factor. An enduring style, the classic diamond tennis bracelet has become a staple of fine jewelry. It offers dazzling versatility that works with a formal ball gown or her favorite jeans and t-shirt. It also comes in a variety of styles, so you can easily find something that’s understated or especially eye-catching.

While traditional tennis bracelets showcase round-cut diamonds throughout, there are fun variations that include unique diamond shapes, gemstones and decorated clasps.

John Atencio showcases an inspired collection of impeccably crafted diamond tennis bracelets, including the popular Monaco collection which pairs exquisite prong tennis bracelets and dazzling drop earrings, featuring responsibly sourced stones and carefully curated designs.

Something for Him


Holiday jewelry isn’t just for her. This year, show him how much you care with a masculine piece that will blow him away. Explore the fine workmanship and distinctive artistry of Pantheon, the premier John Atencio timepiece collection. John Atencio meticulously integrates flawless Swiss movement technology and state-of-the-art steel finishes into each bold timepiece design.

jewelry holiday gift guide watch

While he may be eager to see the clock run out on 2020, your special guy will have fun watching the seconds tick by on a sleek, stylish watch from one of the world’s most celebrated jewelry providers.

Something Personal


The most impactful holiday gifts strike a personal chord that really shows you care. Birthstones automatically personalize your gift and show you invested thought and effort.

Buying her jewelry with her birthstone demonstrates that you're paying attention and have tailored your gift to who she is. Whether it's an elegant amethyst piece or glittering sapphire, birthstones are a compelling departure from traditional gems. They add a sense of intimacy and familiarity, while providing a dash of color to her outfits when she's out and about.

Something that Says “Her”


Since finding the perfect holiday gift can be daunting, the more options you have the better. Designer rings provide an incredible diversity of options that allow you to target a piece that will reflect her distinctive style.

From stackable bands to unique statement rings, there are all sorts of available designs, whether you want a simple and understated ring or something that really summons the eye.

Choosing the perfect holiday jewelry gift can be daunting, but your experience needn’t feel that way. At John Atencio, our jewelry experts can show you how to select a gorgeous jewelry gift for the special people in your life. Visit one of our locations and let our attentive experts guide you to the ideal gift for all the special people on your list.