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How Do You Find Out Someone's Ring Size?

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How Do You Find Out Someone's Ring Size?

One of the trickiest parts of any proposal is making sure you have the right ring size. It’s usually something you don’t think about until you begin ring shopping – then the panic sets in. What size ring does he or she wear? You can’t remember if you know this fact somewhere in your head or if it’s never come up before. You’ve probably bought your partner jewelry but maybe not a ring, so it’s time to figure out the right ring size before you get down on one knee.

John Atencio is here to help you get over this hurdle. Here are seven ways to figure out your significant other’s ring size and be prepared when you find the ring of your dreams to pop the question with.

So, How Do You Find Out Someone's Ring Size? These 7 Tips Will Help!

When figuring out someone’s engagement ring size, always try and use the left-hand ring finger to determine the correct size. Fingers come in different shapes and sizes, and since this is where the ring will live, it’s the best option for sizing an engagement ring.

Pocket a Ring and Bring It to a Jeweler

When they’re not looking, bring one of their rings to a jeweler and have them size it. Jewelers are used to people popping in looking to find the right ring size. While you’re there, you can walk around and see if any engagement rings might be the right fit.

Trace the Ring and Visit a Jewelry Store

This may not be the most scientific way to find the right ring size but take one of their rings and trace it on a sticky note or piece of paper. Take it to a jeweler and have them check the size. We recommend tracing the inside of the ring for the most accurate results.

Create an Impression of the Ring

This takes the idea of tracing their ring a step further. Use soap or clay to make an impression of the ring. Make sure to thoroughly clean the ring afterward though to cover your tracks. Use this impression to have a jeweler help you confirm the right size ring to buy.

Talk to Their Family or Friends About It

Ask their friends if they know the right ring size to get. Depending on how close you are to their family, consider asking mom or dad, too. This is the perfect time to drop a hint you’re ready to propose and get everyone excited about your future together.

Go Shopping Together and Try on Some Jewelry

This one requires a bit of a poker face but go shopping with your significant other and try on some jewelry. Make sure to try on more than rings to make it more natural and avoid suspicion, or you could go big and say let’s try on some of the most expensive engagement rings you can find for a laugh.

Try on One of Your Significant Other’s Rings

This tip works more for men than women. Try on one of her rings and where the ring stops on your finger, mark it with a pen. Don’t force the ring all the way on or it may get stuck. A jeweler will be able to measure where you marked your finger to determine what size ring she wears.

Ask Them Outright

You love your partner, right? Ask them what size ring they wear and while you’re at it, ask them what size necklace or bracelet they prefer, too. By asking about jewelry in general, you make it less obvious that you might be ready to propose.

Buying an engagement ring is an exciting time for any relationship. Knowing your partner’s ring size beforehand just makes the moment that much more perfect and with the tips above, you’re on your way to finding the right engagement ring for your partner.