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Buy Her Engagement Ring at the John Atencio Engagement Event

john atencio engagement event
Buy Her Engagement Ring at the John Atencio Engagement Event

Have you been thinking about the right time to buy her engagement ring? Well, the time is now, during the John Atencio Engagement Event from November 1-30, 2021. This is not just another sale, but an annual event that rewards you for being a valued customer. John Atencio, the master designer of bold and beautiful engagement rings, offers instant, real-time funding with 12 months of interest-free financing, ring customization, a free lifetime warranty from Jewelers Mutual and a special proposal gift from John himself. Simply walk in to one of our John Atencio boutique stores to take advantage of the John Atencio Engagement Event from November 1-30, 2021 and come to know the John Atencio difference you can see and feel. We’ve got your ring and your proposal covered at John Atencio.

Know the John Atencio Difference

You’ll know an authentic John Atencio when you feel it. Handcrafted with a higher metal content than the average jeweler uses, a John Atencio engagement ring gives her that weighty, reassuring feel she’ll treasure. You’ll also know a John Atencio when you see it. Known for his bold and distinctive designs, he always chooses to go above and beyond for the strength and aesthetic quality of the ring, scaling the dimensions of the setting and side diamonds based on the size of the center stone. This results in a stunning engagement ring your bride will always adore.

Purchase the Engagement Ring of Her Dreams

Every John Atencio engagement ring is handcrafted with recycled gold and responsibly sourced gemstones, and each one is a thing of true beauty. At the John Atencio Engagement Event you can customize a ring that’s unique to the love you share. Visit John or one of our boutique stores to discover our large selection of brilliant engagement rings, from Classic to Solitaire, Modern to Pave, and browse our responsibly sourced natural diamonds and our lab-grown diamonds. Whatever you choose, she’ll always remember that you cared enough to buy her an engagement ring designed by the master jewelry designer who honors his commitment to exceptional quality and craftsmanship, and always will. That’s why proposing with a John Atencio is so special.

diamond engagement ring john atencio

Get Incredible Financing

At John Atencio, an instant financing decision based on your credit is always available through Affirm. We also offer you interest-free payments for 12 months through Wells Fargo, with approved credit. This results in incredible savings, so take advantage of this special event and “wow” her with the ring of her dreams.

Free Lifetime Warranty

Only during John Atencio’s Engagement Event is the Jewelers Mutual Lifetime Care Plan free when you purchase an engagement ring. Even though John Atencio jewelry is crafted to last, this lifetime jewelry warranty protects against damage and stone loss after the 90-day manufacturer’s warranty has expired. Despite being careful with your jewelry, unforeseen damage can easily occur from life’s everyday activities, and everyday wear-and-tear can weaken prongs and clasps, leading to stone loss. When a John Atencio jeweler inspects her ring every six months, the Jewelers Mutual Lifetime Care Plan helps protects your beautiful investment.

In addition to the many covered services of the lifetime care plan, what makes it truly remarkable is that it’s transferrable to others. Whether you buy it as a gift or sell the jewelry, as long as you provide the recipient with the receipt and the Jeweler’s Mutual Care Plan brochure, the new owner reaps the benefits of the plan. Even better, submitting a claim is easy. Just take it to your local John Atencio boutique or contact Jeweler’s Mutual to facilitate the insured shipping of your plan-covered jewelry. Customarily available to buy only at the time of purchase, this lifetime warranty is free during the John Atencio Engagement Event.

John Atencio Designs Exceptional Engagement Rings

With clients around the globe and 46 years of expertise under his belt, John Atencio is the master of bold and distinctive jewelry design. He sees her engagement ring as an exquisite love story, one that begins with his inspired pencil sketch and ends with a breathtaking ring that starts your life together. With sustainability standards and a commitment to quality that’s second to none, his meticulous attention to detail makes a John Atencio engagement ring the one to propose with. Discover more about the man who designed the beautiful engagement ring that will leave her breathless with joy.

The John Atencio Engagement Event is here from November 1-30, 2021, and there’s no better time than now to buy her the bold and distinctive engagement ring that represents your romance. Questions? Contact a knowledgeable concierge to assist you in your quest to make your love a very happy woman. When you give her a genuine John Atencio engagement ring, you’re giving her the world.