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How to Shop for an Engagement Ring

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How to Shop for an Engagement Ring

The right engagement ring is the catalyst for magical proposals. With so many options, however, choosing the right ring can feel overwhelming. While everyone’s search is unique, this informative guide will give you tips on how to shop for an engagement ring that will turn that monumental moment into a magical memory.

Choosing a Diamond

A diamond engagement ring is one of the most significant purchases you will make in your lifetime. With this in mind, you want to make sure you are doing it right. One of the biggest parts of the process centers on choosing a beautiful diamond.

Your love story deserves a gemstone with brilliance and fire that will elevate the moment. With any diamond gemstone, the 4C’s — cut, color, clarity and carat weight — combine to determine clarity and value. This is true of natural diamonds and lab-grown diamonds which are physically, chemically and optically identical to diamonds mined from the earth.
At the same time, just as the 4C’s play a role in determining which diamond you should buy; the shape of a diamond is also a critical launching point of your individual engagement ring design.

If you don’t know what shape to choose, it can help to know that round diamonds tend to be the most popular cut because they have eye-catching brilliance, fire and light performance. Round diamonds can also accommodate nearly any ring setting and they never go out of fashion.

That said, although round brilliant diamonds make up around three-quarters of all cumulative diamond purchases, many women prefer something different. Princess cuts, for instance, feature an alluring angular beauty that looks fabulous in classic and geometric settings. The second most popular cut, these shapes offer the brilliance of a gorgeous round-cut diamond at a lower price point. Still, others prefer a more unique shape such as a cushion cut, Asscher cut, emerald cut or oval cut gem.

If you don’t know your partner’s preference, consider discreetly asking her friends or family. You can also get input from the diamond experts at John Atencio who are ideally suited to guide you to a diamond cut that will appeal to her on-of-a-kind style.

Choosing a Setting

Selecting the right setting is one of the most crucial steps in buying an engagement ring for your fiancé-to-be. This not only determines how the ring will look; it ultimately helps determine what kind of diamond you will buy.

The term “setting” essentially refers to how gemstones will be mounted into precious metal bands. A ring’s setting should highlight the physical beauty of a diamond while complementing the look and personality of the wearer.

custom engagement rings with different settings by John Atencio

To achieve a beautifully balanced look for your engagement ring, you should select a mounting with the carat weight of your diamond in mind. If your mounting is too big, thick or wide for the diamond, the setting will ultimately overpower the gemstone, making it look disproportionately small. Contrarily, if the mounting is too small for the stone, the ring will appear out of proportion and awkward to the eye. An oversized gemstone can also make the whole ring appear out of balance and cause it to shift on the finger.

How to Shop for a Custom Engagement Ring

Ideally, you want flawless harmony between the ring setting and the diamond. You also want to select a setting that will complement the wearer’s unique look, preferences and lifestyle. This can be challenging without guidance from an experienced jewelry expert.

John Atencio takes a unique approach to settings, designing each piece around the center diamond—from a 3/4 carat to 2 carat—scaling up the whole ring to maintain flawless dimensions and general aesthetic. This results in a beautifully balanced design that sets the ring and diamond in a harmonious union based on the individual taste and lifestyle of your fiancé-to-be.

Whether you want an engagement ring with a nontraditional setting, a fancy-shaped stone, or a contemporary design that blends multiple styles, John can craft a distinctively stunning custom engagement ring that’s as beautiful and unique as your love.

While choosing the right engagement ring can be overwhelming, your experience doesn’t have to feel that way. At John Atencio, our jewelry consultants can show you how to select a perfect diamond and setting for the love of your life. Whether it’s one of John’s distinctive designs or a custom ring created with you in mind, every piece embraces the organic design and flawless craftsmanship that is signature John Atencio artistry. Shop online or visit one of our locations where our knowledgeable experts can guide you toward the perfect engagement ring for your beautiful love story.