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The Real Reasons Why You Should Buy Her a John Atencio Engagement Ring

john atencio engagement ring
The Real Reasons Why You Should Buy Her a John Atencio Engagement Ring

Have you been considering buying an engagement ring for your girlfriend? If you see your future in her eyes, there is no time to waste. That iridescent inkling has been dancing in the back of your mind for a while now, so make the pact to present her with the best ring that your money can buy. Do your research on the artistry, materials and social responsibility involved in the crafting of the highest quality engagement ring. You’ll find that all of these worthy factors lead directly to a John Atencio engagement ring. 

Why choose a John Atencio engagement ring to pledge your lifelong love to the woman you adore? Because she deserves a ring of instantly recognizable quality that she can see and feel. Because she more than merits the lovingly detailed process that goes into making a ring meant for her finger alone. And because she is worthy of a ring with such character that it prompts the eyes of others to linger every time they see it. She means more to you than words can express, and she deserves the eternal joy and light that a John Atencio engagement ring is going to bring to her daily life for all of her days.

Choose the Wearable Art of Colorado’s Own John Atencio 

As a world-renowned designer and jeweler of sensational statement jewelry for almost half a century, Colorado native John Atencio has raised the bar on the artistry of the engagement ring. As fate would have it, his first design was born 45 years ago as a ring he made for his girlfriend—a labor of love that eventually spawned an international attraction for his artfully enduring jewelry creations. From richly classic to majestically modern, a John Atencio engagement ring holds the promise of the quality, sparkle and significance as the forever gift that will decorate her finger. The most rewarding part? She’ll always remember that you sought out the best when choosing the ring that started it all.

The Engagement Ring with the Heavier Feel

The moment you see and feel a solidly beautiful John Atencio piece you’ll know what sets him apart from other jewelers. John ensures that all his creations are crafted to be enduring heirlooms by making them with a higher metal content than most other jewelers use. Your special lady will not only appreciate the reassuring, weighty feel that a heavier, high-quality ring by John Atencio gives her, she’ll also love that it’s superbly suited for the active Colorado lifestyle she leads. It is only fitting that the ring she wears for life is as strong as the union you share.

atencio engagement ring

Each John Atencio Ring is Crafted for Balance and Beauty

Every piece of John Atencio jewelry goes through a unique artistic journey after being lovingly envisioned and hand-sketched by John himself. Curated to be an heirloom, only master artisans craft these exquisite forever rings that are made to John’s precise specifications. No stone is simply dropped into a setting for a John Atencio engagement ring. Instead, the setting dimensions of every ring are perfectly aesthetically scaled to support and beautifully complement the center stone you choose for her, from a ¾-carat stone and higher. This exacting element provides aesthetic balance and makes each ring unique, setting the perfect proposal within your reach. 

John Atencio is the Socially Responsible Jeweler 

Love is more important than ever in times like these, and choosing an artisan jeweler who is determined to deliver exceptional quality and craftsmanship while being socially responsible is vital. Because he believes in doing the right thing for the better of all the world’s citizens, he ensures that his artistically and materially fine jewelry is crafted using only recycled 18k gold and gemstones that have been responsibly sourced. When you buy the most important ring you will ever buy, rest assured that John Atencio is committed to his company’s role of responsibility in our world. 

Design Her Ring or Buy it and Propose Now

Start your journey of a lifetime by designing an engagement ring that will make her catch her breath. Browse our diamond database at for responsibly mined natural diamonds and lab-grown diamonds, and choose from a large selection of stones that vary in carat, color, clarity and cut. Thinking of nothing but bold and beautiful? Reach for the top with an engagement ring from the Elite® Collection, artfully crafted to hold stones of 2 carats or more and inspired with history’s most strongly determined women in mind. You can also choose from the stunningly affordable Luminaire® Collection capped at $3295, or if you’re ready to pop the question now, select a spectacular Proposal Ready engagement ring. 

There’s never been a better time to shop for your future, so visit to browse our stones, engagement rings and wedding jewelry, or make a virtual or in-person appointment with a Bridal Concierge. An engagement ring from John Atencio will be a ring worn for life, because where you buy it means as much as the love behind it.