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Top 5 Tips for Buying an Engagement Ring

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Top 5 Tips for Buying an Engagement Ring

Few things compare to that monumental moment when you pop the big question. The perfect ring elevates the experience by providing an artistic expression of your one-of-a-kind love story. But how do you decide on that one ideal ring for your special someone? Read on to learn the most important considerations to make when shopping for an engagement ring.

1. Have a carat weight in mind.

Does gem size matter when it comes to diamond engagement rings? The answer is simple: If it’s important to you or your partner, then it matters. If a smaller diamond will make you or your partner think less of a ring, you probably have your answer.

Still, the age-old question of quantity versus quality remains. Some people prefer larger stones while others want the clearest possible diamond gemstone, regardless of the actual carat weight. In the end, it comes down to personal preference. Try to get an idea of what your partner might prefer and then talk to the diamond experts at John Atencio to figure out how to best meet their expectations.

2. Narrow down the shape of the stone.

If you know what your partner wants in terms of diamond shape, that can help focus your engagement ring search. Every diamond shape (also known as a stone cut) is priced differently—and each has a varying price per carat. Round cuts are generally the most expensive, whereas marquise and pear cuts are less so.

If the gemstone’s size is important to you, you can get more carats at a more affordable price by choosing an alternative shape to the classic round cut. Because the shape of a diamond will work to determine its fire and brilliance, however, it’s important to talk to a reputable jeweler like John Atencio to fully understand the pros and cons of each available diamond shape.

3. Choose a precious metal for the ring.

Traditionally, engagement rings are made from either yellow or white gold, silver, or platinum. In recent years, however, rose gold has emerged as a fresh, contemporary alternative. While platinum may look very similar to silver, it is much more expensive due to its rarity and greater density. Because certain precious metals will scratch easier than others, it’s important to consider your partner’s lifestyle. If they are very active and outdoorsy or consistently work with their hands, a more durable metal may be more appropriate.

4. Think about the band.

While it's easy to get caught up shopping for the perfect engagement ring, it’s really only half of the equation. The actual symbol of your marriage, your wedding band shouldn’t be overlooked. Consider what style of band would go best with your engagement ring. Some don't allow a band to sit flush against them, so it's always important to consider the full package of pavé versus prong and channel-set gemstones before settling on a specific engagement ring style.

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5. Put some thought into the setting.

After you’ve settled on the perfect stone, you need to determine what to put around it. It can help to think of the center gemstone as a stunning piece of artwork and the setting as the frame. Whether you take a bold, classic or contemporary approach, it’s important that the ring reflect the personality and style of the person who will ultimately be wearing it. Find a jewelry expert you can trust, provide them with an idea of what you think you want, and let them use their expertise to guide you in the right direction.

As a skilled artist and seasoned jeweler, John Atencio brings a unique perspective to the design of each engagement ring. With most ring settings found at other jewelry stores, you can simply place a stone into the premade setting, regardless of scale, because it’s the fastest and easiest approach. At John Atencio, all of our remarkable engagement rings are crafted to be an artistic love story, conceived, designed and forged to stand-out. It starts with a uniquely inspired, hand-sketched design and ends with a stunning piece of artistry. The result is a flawlessly balanced design that sets the gemstone and ring in a harmonious union based on the distinctive taste and lifestyle of your bride-to-be.

While choosing the right engagement ring can feel overwhelming, your experience needn’t be that way. At John Atencio, our attentive experts can show you how to choose the right stone cut and carat, along with the perfect metal and setting for your special someone. Visit one of our locations where our experts can guide you toward the one best ring for your love story.