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Treat Your Bride-to-Be with Matching Jewelry

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Treat Your Bride-to-Be with Matching Jewelry

You've found the perfect person and the perfect engagement ring. You've even popped the question. Now begins the wedding planning and imagining what your vision will be surrounding your special day. Determining the size of your wedding, picking a venue that is the right fit, and even down to choosing whether to have a cake or cupcakes are all on the wedding list of 'to-dos' before you say, 'I do.'

matching jewelry

The to-do list isn't the only thing to start to organize; the entire day is wrapped around moments of surprise. From the second you see your gorgeous bride, head to toe, walking down the aisle, to little surprises that you just can't plan for. Why not jump on the surprise bandwagon early and treat your bride-to-be to matching bridal jewelry to go along with her engagement ring?

Here's What to Consider When Treating Your Bride-to-Be to Matching Jewelry

Jewelers like John Atencio design jewelry with an inspiration, theme or story in mind. This always adds a unique beauty to each piece shared with the world. Whether it's earrings, a necklace, or a pretty little or not so little bracelet, this piece of jewelry will be part of your bride's story she'll never forget.

Some questions you may want to keep in mind as you begin shopping for matching bridal jewelry to surprise her:

  • What is the style of her dress and what does the neckline?
  • What types of earrings does she like?
  • What types of gemstones does she wear? Or does she prefer diamonds?
  • Does she like a particular type of gold? Yellow, white, or rose?
  • Does she like long or short necklaces?
  • Will a bracelet get in her way? Does she wear bracelets at all?
  • Does she like dramatic jewelry or something simpler?

After she's picked the perfect wedding dress for the big day, she'll start thinking about how she'll wear her hair and then what jewelry will make a splash as she walks down the aisle. Finding the perfect jewelry to complete the look can be difficult. Help make it easier for her from the start by shopping for bridal jewelry during the engagement. The piece of jewelry you choose to gift her isn't just for her wedding day but something she can wear to remind her of the love you two will share for a lifetime.

Make this moment special by surprising her with the wedding jewelry to go with her engagement ring and check off one more to-do on her list. It's the perfect way to show her how excited you are to spend the rest of your life with her with a little surprise before the wedding. Keep the magic in the air by planning a romantic date night to give her the set, making the gift even more memorable.

When working with a jeweler like John Atencio, let us know you're interested in bridal jewelry to complete the look. We'll work with you to not only find the perfect engagement ring but the matching style for the day itself. Your wife-to-be will make memories for a lifetime by wearing the jewelry you buy for her on her special day and beyond.

Remember the engagement ring you chose reminded you of the person you've decided to marry and the love you share always and forever. By pairing the engagement ring with matching bridal jewelry, you're completing the look and feel of the story behind those jewelry designs. Visit a John Atencio location today to let us help tell your love story.