The Appraisal Process

Have you ever wondered what your jewelry is worth? When was the last time you let an expert appraise your family heirlooms? If you're not staying on top of the value of your pieces, you may be missing out on having them properly insured, maintained, and protected in the event something happens.


John Atencio offers appraisal services to give you peace of mind and an understanding of the value of each piece of jewelry in your collection. You're welcome to sit and watch the process, ask questions, and understand what the appraiser is identifying and looking for during your time together.


We take a unique approach to appraisals billing hourly in five-minute increments rather than per piece. This creates a 30 to 50 percent savings on average in appraisal services compared to jewelers who charge per piece for services.


Our appraiser provides prompt customer service, leverages years of industry knowledge, and uses the latest technology to ensure an accurate valuation and appraisal of your jewelry. Rest assured that when John Atencio appraises your jewelry, we want to provide you with the most accurate valuation and assessment of what you bring in.


When finished, we'll provide you with the documentation you need to not only prove the value of your jewelry but also identify it if ever lost or stolen. These two pieces of documentation provided will meet insurance guidelines, too.


Appraising jewelry gives you a complete picture of the value of your piece, along with staying current on its valuation. This is something many consumers fail to stay on top of until it's too late. When a piece is lost or stolen, you can't provide what the piece is or the value of it to your insurance company or the police without the proper documentation. This leads to complications in filing an insurance claim or even recovering the jewelry during a police investigation.


Let John Atencio help you feel confident and stay current with the value of your jewelry in an ever-changing marketplace. Call a John Atencio boutique to schedule an appraisal today.