Let There Be Light – John Atencio Lone Tree - America’s Coolest Stores

May, 11 2020

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Ask an Expert. Cleaning & Care of Your Gemstones.

March, 14 2020

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The Duchess of Denver: Celebrate Valentine’s Day on Larimer Square

February, 05 2020

The Duchess of Denver: Celebrate Valentine's Day on Larimer Square

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National Western Stock Show and 24 Things To Do in Denver This Week

January, 06 2020

National Western Stock Show and 24 Things To Do in Denver This Week

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Get a Crash Course in Diamond Shapes with Our Guide

November, 25 2019

diamond ring shapes

Diamonds can be cut, polished, and shaped to embody a variety of unique designs and artistic expressions. All in all, there are thousands of potential diamond shapes that can be precisely crafted according to the jewelers (and the clients) wishes.

Because there are so many different ways that the diamond gemstone can be formed by an expert artisan, we’re helping you make sense of all of the available shapes through this handy guide.

John Atencio has been designing fine

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Customization Options - A Ring That’s Unique to You

November, 12 2019

dislike engagement ring

One of the benefits of working with established experts in the jewelry business is being able to bring to life your vision of the ideal wedding or engagement ring. Every loving relationship is unique, and as such, the rings available from John Atencio are truly one-of-a-kind, and inspired by the passion and beauty that is integral to love itself.

Because we want you to be absolutely thrilled with your ring selection, we can help you put the power of customization into your own hands.

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The Unexpected Love Story of John Atencio

November, 07 2019

John Atencio didn't know his love story would turn out like this. He could have never imagined where it would lead him, now 42 years later.

He was just a college kid in the late ‘60s, trying to get the girl. A student at Colorado State University who loved to dig his hands into art. A VW Bus-driving rebel with a total shot-in-the-dark idea — one that would ultimately land him international acclaim.

But first, the girl. Of course. The best stories

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John Atencio Team Builds with Habitat for Humanity!

September, 03 2019

The John Atencio team volunteered for a Habitat Build Day on August 20th at Harmony Houses in Fort Collins, continuing their support for Habitat For Humanity. "We were all so honored to participate in Habitat's mission and were proud to be a small part of their efforts to bring people together to build homes, communities and hope". John Atencio has been a supporter of the Habitat for Humanity mission and their 25th Anniversary Celebration.

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Big Cool Honorable Mentions - Instore Magazine

September, 03 2019

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Vintage Inspired Engagement Rings Ask for Her Hand with the Family Jewels

August, 06 2019

When getting ready to propose, finding the right engagement ring to do so is nerve-wracking for most people. Some give their mother's engagement ring, passed down for generations. Others look for something new and creative that matches their partner's spirit. If you're looking for something unique and exciting to propose with, consider vintage inspired engagement rings.

What Are Vintage Inspired Engagement Rings?

These engagement rings

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