Everything You Need to Know About Rose Gold

September, 21 2018

You've heard us say it before, and we'll repeat it again: rose gold is hot, hot, hot! Whether it's a rose gold engagement ring, an anniversary necklace, or a pair of earrings you bought yourself, rose gold is in style like it's never been before. It's not just with jewelry either. Homeware, nail polish, clothes, and other products across the globe are integrating rose gold coloring into their styles and designs.

John Atencio wants you to learn more about this

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Breaking Down Your Precious Metal Choices

September, 14 2018

When buying jewelry, many factors play a part in finding the right piece. People may have particular preferences, such as a specific metal type or color of gold. Others love to look at the entirety of a piece to determine whether they love it or not.

When it comes to buying jewelry, the type of precious metal is often one of the deciding factors. John Atencio helps to decipher the most common types of precious metals that are available when purchasing jewelry - to help you narrow down

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Travel Boulder Maker Series: John Atencio

September, 14 2018

Travel Boulder - Maker Series: John Atencio

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7 Bridesmad Gift Ideas for Your Wedding

August, 20 2018

Choosing a maid of honor and bridesmaids for your wedding is hard work, but once you've made your choices, it's time to start thinking about how to thank them for once again standing by your side. Here are seven ways to show your appreciation for them joining you on your wedding day and everything that leads up to it.

7 Bridesmaid Gift Ideas to Show Your Appreciation Gift Cards

While gift cards might seem like one of the less personal ways to show your gratitude to

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How to Bundle Jewelry for the Perfect Look

August, 06 2018

Everyone wears jewelry differently. That's one of the beautiful things about buying pieces you love for yourself or being gifted items by a loved one you'll wear here or there. Layering jewelry with multiple pieces, such as two or three similar necklaces, has always been a hot fashion trend but bundling jewelry is on the rise.

Want to make a bold fashion statement with your jewelry? Adding another dimension to your outfit by buying several pieces within the same line of

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7 Tips for Taking Care of Your Jewelry All Year Long

July, 30 2018

When you're used to showing off your jewelry, you want to make sure it looks good no matter how old, what type, or how often you wear a piece. Whether it's a necklace from your children, your engagement ring, or something else you cherish and bought yourself, taking pride in your jewelry also comes with maintaining it and taking care of it. These seven tips will keep your jewelry in tip-top shape to flaunt.

7 Tips for Maintaining and Cleaning Jewelry You Need to Know

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How to Make Your Summer Proposal Spectacular

July, 11 2018

Summers are about enjoying the great outdoors, barbeques, fireworks, and getting away from it all with unforgettable vacations with family and friends. Summer's also peak wedding time, so love is already livelier in the air than usual.

If you're looking to pop the question, you may not realize that summer is one of the most popular times to get engaged. Along with other holidays peppered throughout the year, the 4th of July and the summer months make for a beautiful backdrop

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A Brief Guide to Birthstones

June, 21 2018

"Cakes are special. Every birthday, every celebration ends with something sweet, a cake, and people remember. It's all about the memories," said Buddy Valastro, the celebrity chef behind the TV show Cake Boss. It's true. Birthdays are all about the celebration and the memories that come with it. We may not always like to think about how we're getting older, but we remember the moments that made each birthday special.

How about giving a gift that creates one of those

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5 Ways to Pop the Question During Pride

June, 13 2018

June is Gay Pride Month, and John Atencio couldn’t be prouder to support equal rights and inclusivity for all. Gay Pride celebrations take place in major cities across the United States, including Denver, Boulder, and the surrounding areas. If you’re coming to town for the Pride celebration or looking for a unique way to pop the question during the month, we have five creative ways to ask your partner to spend the rest of their life with you not just this month but

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John Atencio: A Showcase in Lyrical Lines – INSTORE Magazine

May, 22 2018

John Atencio: A Showcase in Lyrical Lines – INSTORE Magazine

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