5 Tips to Avoid Stealing the Thunder When Proposing During the Holidays

November, 13 2018

Weekends seem to be filling up with holiday festivities already, 'tis the season… Upcoming holiday travel, Christmas parties, and fun-filled shopping extravaganzas to find that perfect gift for your loved ones rapidly become your life during the holidays. November is already in motion. Adding to all the fun, if your planning on asking a special someone for their hand in marriage this could be consuming your mind during the busiest time of the year.

If you're looking to propose this holiday season, these five tips will help you avoid stealing the thunder from other family events and keep the peace during the most stressful time of the year.

These Tips Will Help You Avoid Stealing the Thunder with Your Proposal

Coordinate Your Schedules

Whether your plans include heading home for the holidays, Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Years, there may be other involved to make your proposal stand out and special. Or maybe your parents and friends are coming to visit you, have you coordinated rides to and from the airport and most importantly what day everyone will be ready for your special moment? Maybe someone can't make it because of holiday craziness. Travel around this time can be very hectic, but this individual may be a pertinent part of your puzzle. Coordinate your schedule so when you do ask the question, it's not rushed or spur of the moment and includes those you love the most.

Talk to Your Families

Talk to your family and talk to her family, especially if they're going to visit during the holidays. Make sure they know what to expect, and they can be part of the engagement instead of surprised by what's going on around them. Let them be supportive, and they may even help you come up with a more creative way to pop the question. This also will give insight into whether anyone else on either side of the family is planning to propose and steal your thunder.

Plan, Plan, Plan

Once you've committed to proposing during the holidays, start planning the proposal as early as possible. Buy the engagement ring. The holidays are one of the most popular times to pop the question. Determine the location. Consider how you'll ask and what you'll say. Invite those who will be part of it. If you're planning a location-based proposal, make sure it's accessible during November or December and book ahead if necessary.

Have a Backup Plan

Holidays may include some of the following: fun family dynamics, delayed flights, family members that like to indulge on those festive cocktails, as well as, those embarrassing stories your aunts and uncles love to tell and never knowing what will come out of your dad's mouth. If the time comes to the pop the question and something goes amiss, make sure to have a backup plan for proposing again. You want that moment to be unforgettable for the right reasons, not the crazy ones.

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff

The holidays bring out the kookiness in everyone. If you're not feeling the spirit, consider a one-on-one proposal and leave everyone and everything else out of it. It's between you two and what's most important is that you love her, and she loves you. Who cares if something goes wrong big or small? Ask those simple four words that you are dying to ask and get excited about spending the rest of your lives happily ever after together. You can share the news with family and friends later and revel at the moment without the hubbub and craziness of the holidays.