9 Ways to Thank Your Mom for Everything She Does

May, 07 2018

Your mom deserves to be celebrated and not just once a year. If you’re looking for ideas on how to say “thank you” to the woman who raised you, consider some of these beautiful John Atencio pieces to show your appreciation. Whether it’s your mom’s birthday, the holidays roll around, or you want to show her some love, these timeless items from the Atencio collection will show her how much she means to you.

9 Ways to Thank Your Mom for Everything She Does

Confetti Diamond Necklace and Ring

The Confetti diamond necklace and ring display a unique, eye-catching design that’s sure to be the talk of all your mom’s friends when she wears either piece. Inspired by the beauty of falling confetti and the celebration that comes with it, the 14K white gold necklace and ring set is sure to show your mom how much you love her every time she wears them. Pairing the necklace with the ring is sure to make everyone say “wow” when they catch a glimpse.

Antiqua Bangles

Inspired by the strength and honor highlighted in the film Gladiator, these bangles come in silver amethyst, blue topaz, or silver and red ruby. Show your mom you know what she sacrificed to help bring you up with the simple, gorgeous bangles from the Antiqua collection.

Cascade Diamond Earrings & Pendant

The Cascade diamond earrings and pendant shows the elegance and class your mother deserves to wear. By cascading pave diamonds on the side of the primary diamond, this multi-dimensional piece is gorgeous and sure to be the envy of all your mother’s friends. She can wear either the earrings or pendant daily or as a special occasion piece. Buy the set to make her shine.

Dallas Bracelet

Rose gold is hot, hot, hot and not just for Mother’s Day – year-round! Celebrate your mom with the John Atencio Dallas cuff bracelet in rose gold. This cuff can be worn for work, play, or anything between and pairs well with white gold and sterling silver pieces she already owns.

Fuego Morganite Pendant and Ring

If your mom is fiery and passionate, the Fuego morganite pendant and ring is the perfect fit to match that spirit. The soft curves and flowing lines of Fuego are paired with cascading diamonds to capture that feisty energy. This pear-shaped morganite and 14K rose gold set, or standalone items are the only way to show your mom you admire her spirit.

Devotion Plain Pendant

The Devotion plain pendant has a simplicity and elegance to it that your mom is sure to be grateful for. This 14K yellow gold pendant comes with an 18-inch chain that goes with about anything. If your mom likes simple, classic jewelry – Devotion is the only gift to give.

Apollo Women's Double Rose Leather Bracelet

The Apollo double rose leather bracelet features sterling silver and 14K yellow gold. The John Atencio logo is surrounded by a rose leather bracelet for a refreshing look your mother can wear with anything.

Arrivo Pendant & Ring

Arrivo was born out of John’s desire to celebrate the trillion-cut in a 14K gold and sterling silver collection for his 40th year designing jewelry. Peridot shines in the Arrivo collection, offering a gorgeous contrast with the sterling silver and gold surrounding both the pendant and ring. You could showcase your love to mom with the pendant or ring, splurge on the set to show her how much you care.

Oyster Earrings

Influenced by his travels to Japan, the Oyster earrings mimic Japanese calligraphy’s sweeping round shapes for a gorgeous presentation. When you think of an oyster, you think of what lies hidden inside; with these Oyster earrings and other pieces in the collection, you’ll find a prized diamond encapsulated within each. Your mother is a treasure and so are these earrings.

If you’re looking for a way to say thank you to mom for all the years she raised you, took care of you, and continues to support you, look no further than the John Atencio collections to get inspired by what you could surprise her with to say “thanks, mom.”