A Letter From There With Care

February, 06 2017

From our community partner There With Care, a Colorado based non-profit that provides support for critically ill families and children.


By Paula DuPre’ Pesmen, Founder and Executive Director

There With Care began in 2005 and has helped nearly 2,700 families here in Colorado.  It was a pretty unconventional way how it started.  When I was an associate producer on the first three HARRY POTTER® films in London, I received a misdirected call from a wish organization for a child to see the film before she passed away. With the help of our director Chris Columbus, we were able to set up a screening for that beautiful girl and she was able to see the film with her family and her dog.  Soon after, sadly she passed away.  They sent me a picture of her arriving at her screening and it has hung over my desk ever since.  She is a daily reminder that there is always something we can do for a family during a medical crisis.


After that experience, I began to be the point person for any wish requests to visit the POTTER sets.  It was a privilege to meet more than 65 children and their families when they came to spend the day on the sets in London.  During their visits, the actors and crew were kind and caring.  The actors shared time with them, the make-up artists put POTTER scars on the kids’ foreheads, animal handlers put owls on the kids’ wheelchairs and so much more.  These visits inspired us all and we were forever changed.


When one family was visiting, I said to the father that they must have so many people helping them.  He said, “Honestly that’s not the case.  People don’t know what to say or do, so they often don’t do anything.”


When I came back to the States and continued with my film work, I couldn’t stop thinking what he said.  His words repeated in my mind and were where the idea for There With Care was born.


That simplicity is the core of our work at There With Care.  To find people who need help and people who want to help, and then connect them.


The families we help come from the hospital social workers and we quickly contact the parents to try and identify what is most stressful for them.  Our hope is to ease their burdens so they can focus on what is most important, their child.


There are so many ways people can help and they each grow a meaningful connection.  When a volunteer delivers groceries to a family, it’s never just food being delivered, it’s also care.  When a mechanic generously helps a family get their car fixed, the parents know they can now get their child to crucial hospital treatments.  When a housecleaning company helps a family get their house cleaned, the parent knows it will help to keep their children safe because their child may have a compromised immune system.


Together, we are a community and together we embrace each of the families we serve and let them know they are not alone.  When people are helping, they know that what they doing will ease the stresses for a family during a fragile time. They may be delivering food to the family’s door, but it is often with a smile and a hug.


There With Care is proud and grateful to have the partnership and support of John Atencio, a generous and thoughtful member of our community of care.


Photo Credit: Beaton Photography