Allie Kirby’s December Client Spotlight

December, 19 2016

Overjoyed this holiday season to feature a dear client and friend, Mr. Lex Atencio, and his passion for the not only the family jewelry business but also the jewelry process. My real estate partner Jaden Hanson and I were fortunate to become good friends with Lex earlier this year and help him in the pursuit of home ownership. Throughout his journey to find the perfect home, Jaden and I looked forward to seeing and spending time with Lex. His calm demeanor, kind attention to detail, gracious attitude and light up a room smile made our jobs an absolute breeze. It also gave way to learning more about his role in his father, John Atencio's jewelry boutiques and the Colorado tradition they carry and present to their customers. 

Lex's father, John has been designing jewelry in Colorado for over 40 years. In recognition of their 40th anniversary, they recently opened a 7th John Atencio boutique in Boulder on iconic Pearl West (pictured in this post). Most exciting is their expansion into fine jewelry stores across the country. Lex is proud to be spearheading that effort as they look forward to sharing their collections with customers beyond Colorado.

With Christmas only a week away and the sparkling spirit of giving in the air, John Atencio offers something different than other retail stores. Lex explained to me that each John Atencio Collection is artistically inspired, with bold lines and soft curves that are uniquely theirs. Lex said, " The design aesthetic and the story definitely make us stand apart. I actually don't think of us as a retailer; we are here to share the journey with our customers- to celebrate their lives and their important occasions with beautiful jewelry."  

Past the sparkle, Lex loves being a part of this business because of the special moments. Jewelry and John Atencio are all about those times in people's lives, "...their emotions, their memories, and their celebrations...being a part of a person's journey- whether a birthday, graduation, or anniversary- is powerful and humbling." 

"A car will take you on your journey, a house gives you shelter, comfort and a place to create memories. A diamond represents love and will be with you forever. It's crucial that the stone, from buying it, choosing the setting, and giving it, is a rewarding and memorable experience." As I look down at my own wedding bands, I couldn't agree with him more and smile thinking about my own husband during this precious process. 

For inquiries contact Lex Atencio @ (303) 717-8160

Written by Allie Kirby


Pictures by Chelsea Chorpenning