A (Not So Crazy) Dreamer

February, 20 2015

Ever wonder how it all began?

What motivated John and continues to motivate him in his artistic endeavors?

What pitfalls and milestones were encountered on his journey to success?

Come hear the story in first person tonight as the Denver Art Museum hosts this event from 5:30-6:30 p.m. in the Hamilton Building.  John's introspective approach will enhance the allure surrounding his success.  You will surely gain knowledge of this industry in which

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Color Me Happy!

February, 11 2015

Color Me Happy

Palm trees, sun, shopping, late night dinners.  Vacation?  On the contrary. 

One of the benefits of working in the jewelry industry is the travel to warm places such as Tucson, Arizona for the AGTA (American Gem Trade Association) Color Gemstone show.  This show has been John’s office for this past week. 

Scouring the 205,000 square foot facility, looking for ‘The One’ special gem to work with was the agenda for

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HOT Night Out on Larimer

February, 10 2015

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Why the Heart?

February, 04 2015

Why the Heart?

Why do we celebrate Valentine’s Day with hearts as the universal symbol of love and adoration?

Though there are many theories, I would like to focus on that of the ancient Romans.  The one which I think identifies the most with John’s artistic background and passion for the unique. 

The ancient Romans believed that just as the mind was the center of logic, the heart was the center of emotion and passion.   Cupid, the

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