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August, 28 2015

Ever wonder what a designer jeweler does all day?  John is always thinking, always creating.  When all the synapses are firing (most of the time), you can see the creativity at work.  Taking the thought and sketching it on paper is just the beginning.  Transferring it from paper to a physical piece takes some work; a process that has developed and changed through the years.  

In the beginning, John sketched the jewelry and developed the wax on his own.

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Inspiration Leads to Art

August, 17 2015

What's funny about jewelry?  Not much, if anything.  Jewelry is romantic, beautiful, and elegant.  Oh, and memorable.  Many occasions are celebrated with gifts of jewelry.  Holidays and birthday celebrations for a start and, of course, engagements, weddings, and Anniversaries!  It is a stretch, I know, but we wanted to participate in National Joke Day with a little fun and trivia. 

First, the fun. 

Joan Rivers was known for her

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National Left-Hander’s Day?

August, 13 2015

National Left Hander’s Day?

I have an older brother who is a ‘lefty’.  Growing up, he always got his own baseball glove, his own scissors, and even his own special spot at the table so he didn’t elbow any of us ‘righties’.  It was just the way it was.  So I wondered, ‘what’s so special about a left-handed person anyway’?  Is it because they have to learn everything the opposite of what’s thought to be the

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The Time Is Near…

August, 10 2015

Please join us for a great evening and poolside cocktail party.

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