and the Emmy goes to…

September, 29 2015

...and the Emmy goes to….


John Atencio. 

Not exactly.

Peter Atencio.

Wait.  Who is Peter Atencio?

From the ‘did you know’ column….

Peter is the oldest son of John Atencio.  He is talented in his own right.  Creative beyond words.  AND a newly successful director/producer in Hollywood. 

The Emmy’s were this last weekend and, although there was much to be seen,

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Pick A Color

September, 21 2015

If we’re being traditional, which we aren’t, we would sell sapphires for every birthday gift-seeking purchaser in the month of September.  Tradition says that each month has a gemstone that is yours and yours alone for your birthday month.  I’m okay with that.  My month is April.  April’s birthstone is diamond. 

Though there are many historical origins connecting one gem for each month and their related meanings, one of interest here is

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Something Old, Something New

September, 07 2015

New Waves. This is the name of the design on this customer’s hand.   Interesting because it wasn’t compared to ‘Old Waves’.  This ring was designed circa 1975-1980 as a brand new style for a brand new designer.  One of John’s first of many recognizable, iconic designs.  What is most interesting about this photo, however, is that the young hand wearing the ring is appreciating the design that is still uniquely identifiable as John

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National Hug Your Boss Day

September, 04 2015

Who doesn't like a hug?  Today is National Hug Your Boss Day. We thank whomever deemed this day as a national day for hugging, and a national day for hugging your boss on top of that.  It gives us here at John Atencio an excuse to post photos like these of some of our Cherry Creek sales personnel and design team with John.  

Hugging is beneficial in many ways.  Besides making us feel good, hugging is good for our physical well being.  An important work

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