Fall is Upon Us

October, 29 2015

Do you know what I love?  I love fall and everything it brings with it.  Walking through fallen leaves on a crisp day, hearing the crunching sound they make with each step.  I love layering in warm sweaters and boots and I love accessorizing with jewelry.  

It’s the week of goblins and ghouls.  Sure, I enjoy dressing up, on occasion, as an old witch or even the most recent superhero to hit the big screen.  But my favorite way to dress for the season

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The One

October, 22 2015

The One


Anticipation. The planning and build up to the big event - the proposal.  It’s a new chapter in your life; an exciting new venture to be shared and remembered for a lifetime.   There are few who can make this as memorable and happy an occasion as the jeweler with whom you choose to help you pick ‘the one’. 

Education and knowledge are important, yes.  But so are the intangible things you cannot quantify. 

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Press On

October, 11 2015


A big word with an ugly meaning.  The first time you heard it quite possibly was in an educational setting.  You understood the chemistry of it all.  Maybe you heard of it in relation to someone else who had developed it.  It hit closer to home.  Or maybe, its when the doctor told you YOU have it.   It became personal.

The levels of understanding become pronounced when your name is in conjuction with the disease.  A positive

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Carousel of Time

October, 06 2015


The Carousel Ball event this last weekend was amazing!  An impressive fundraiser for a great cause with ‘signature’ representation by John Atencio.  The sold out event was held at the Hyatt Regency Denver, with proceeds benefitting the programs of the Barbara Davis Center for Childhood Diabetes.  The center’s mission is dedicated to supporting the best possible clinical, research, and educational programs for children and adults. 

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