July, 10 2017

During the upcoming Ft Collins Sidewalk Sale Days on July 14 and 15, John Atencio will support Big Bones Canine Rescue, a 501(c )3 charity based in Windsor, CO and dedicated to helping dogs in need. A percentage of all sales during the July 14th weekend in Ft. Collins will be donated to Big Bones to help save dogs from death, illness and misfortune. Featured at the event with be select sale merchandise along with the John Atencio Dog Tag pendant, designed in 2016 by John specifically to

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Diamonds and Design

January, 23 2017

Ever wonder what makes a diamond so brilliant?  There are many factors.  First, consider the four C’s: cut, color, clarity and carat weight.  Emotions also play an important role in choosing one diamond over another.  Diamonds speak to us and beg our attention.  This has been the case from the beginning of time. 

The diamond is the only gemstone composed of one pure element – carbon.  A diamond comes to life in only the most perfect of

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American Heart Association Heart Ball 2016

April, 18 2016

We were honored to be a part of the 17th Annual Denver Heart Ball hosted by the American Heart Association this past February. The evening was full of fun that really brought the community and philanthropic leaders of Denver together. 

This years theme was A Stroke of Red to bring awareness and recognition to the signs of stroke. The Hyatt Regency Denver at the Colorado Convention Center was decorated to the nines in black, red, and white. Everyone there was dripping in elegance

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The Winner Is

February, 29 2016

It’s the day after Hollywood’s most epic night and we all have begun the transition from the hypothetical ‘what will Hollywood’s finest be wearing?’ to actual conversation surrounding the gowns and jewelry worn by our favorite nominees and winners of the coveted Oscar. 

The splash of gown color against the red carpet drew us in and aroused our senses making us aware of the actress as a whole.  The details, however, are what make up the whole and

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A Parade of Color

February, 09 2016



Sunny Tucson, Arizona.  This is where the Tucson Gem and Jewelry show takes place.  Visiting the show on their annual quest for unique and rare color were John; Lex Atencio, National Account Manager; Jennifer Bealer, Design Manager and CAD specialist; and Jessica Nash, our Merchandising Manager.  The trip was successful in more than one aspect but most directly because color was chosen for new

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Colorado Snowstorm?  New Engagement Rings Will Keep You Warm!

February, 02 2016

Always designing, creating, and evolving.  Always. 

John graces us with three brand new designs for the New Year.  Rhythm, Reflection and Fantasy. Common to each of these is the all-encompassing embrace of secure gold around brilliant round diamonds.  What makes them different, however, is what also makes them uniquely John Atencio.

Rhythm appears as a variation of a time-honored favorite with a little flair of its own.  The ultimate compliment to the

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Season of Engagement

January, 12 2016

I really despise using blanket definitions for blog introductions.  Really, I do.  However, in this case, I will quell those feelings to emphasize my point. 

What is trust?  Trust is defined as ‘reliance on the integrity, strength, and ability of a person or thing’ as well as ‘the obligation or responsibility imposed on a person in whom confidence or authority is placed’. 

John Atencio has been in business for 40 years.  We

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Go Big or Go Home

November, 04 2015

It’s not the size that matters.  Really.  It isn’t.  Contradiction to the blog title?  Not exactly.  Going big here is referenced to the commitment.  Commitment to creating the surprise, commitment to making the decision.  Ladies and gentlemen alike, you are in a relationship with ONE other person.  That individual whom you know best.  They are with you for many reasons, but the most important one being that you are the one with whom

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Fall is Upon Us

October, 29 2015

Do you know what I love?  I love fall and everything it brings with it.  Walking through fallen leaves on a crisp day, hearing the crunching sound they make with each step.  I love layering in warm sweaters and boots and I love accessorizing with jewelry.  

It’s the week of goblins and ghouls.  Sure, I enjoy dressing up, on occasion, as an old witch or even the most recent superhero to hit the big screen.  But my favorite way to dress for the season

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The One

October, 22 2015

The One


Anticipation. The planning and build up to the big event - the proposal.  It’s a new chapter in your life; an exciting new venture to be shared and remembered for a lifetime.   There are few who can make this as memorable and happy an occasion as the jeweler with whom you choose to help you pick ‘the one’. 

Education and knowledge are important, yes.  But so are the intangible things you cannot quantify. 

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