In Your Store Article

March, 27 2018

In Your Store Article

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John in Colorado Homes & Lifestyle

October, 30 2017

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Allie Kirby’s December Client Spotlight

December, 19 2016

Overjoyed this holiday season to feature a dear client and friend, Mr. Lex Atencio, and his passion for the not only the family jewelry business but also the jewelry process. My real estate partner Jaden Hanson and I were fortunate to become good friends with Lex earlier this year and help him in the pursuit of home ownership. Throughout his journey to find the perfect home, Jaden and I looked forward to seeing and spending time with Lex. His calm demeanor, kind attention to detail, gracious

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5280 Gift Guide

December, 07 2016

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Design of the Times

November, 29 2016

Design of the Times: Atelier Zobel and John Atencio 

By:  Monica Stephenson of JCK Magazine


I’m looking forward to saying hello to John Atencio and his team. For four decades (!), this prolific designer has created many collections with a thoroughly recognizable aesthetic. Each design reflects a sculptural approach, with lush depth and layers. Whether diamond or gemstone, ring or earrings, John’s attention and direction are apparent in

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Boulder and the Beautiful: The dreams you plant

November, 07 2016

The first thing John Atencio asks me is, "Do you believe in dreams?"

No small talk. No predictable conversation starter. Just straight to the soul. Do you believe?

"Um, yes," I fumble. I do. Very much. But I feel vulnerable admitting it to a stranger. And maybe a little silly.

"Do you have a child?"

Wasn't I supposed to be the one conducting this interview? I tell him about Bettie Anne, first-grader.

"When I was your daughter's age, my

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John Atencio to Open Concept Boutique at PearlWest, Boulder

August, 29 2016

BOULDER, Colo., August 10, 2016 – John Atencio, Colorado’s premier jewelry designer, artist and entrepreneur, will introduce a first-of-its-kind concept boutique at PearlWest in Boulder in the summer of 2016. The John Atencio Gallery will occupy 1,350 square feet of prime retail space, his 7th jewelry boutique in Colorado. “When I first got started as a jewelry artist in 1973, I sold my designs on the Hill at Pat Peterson’s in Boulder,” said Atencio. “It is

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August, 16 2016

Forever making his mark on the jewelry design world, John Atencio continues to dazzle customers. Combining luxury and glamour, he personally designs each piece to create collections for every taste and style. Celebrating his 40th anniversary this year, Atencio is a creative force to be reckoned with. Each piece of jewelry has its own compelling story that is distinctive and personalized. John Atencio’s fine jewelry is precious and lasting. Atencio’s

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JCK Style Spotlight

March, 16 2016

Our Aries Men's Wedding Band was featured in JCK's Style Spotlight on March 16th, 2016.  Read more below:

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John Atencio and Respite Care

November, 20 2015

Since 1982, Respite Care Inc. of Larimer County, Colorado has provided short-term care to children with disabilities and respite to their families, helping to enhance their quality of life. John Atencio is honored to be a part of their annual Respite Care Holiday Ball.  Watch John's collaboration with this non-profit organization, the inspiration for his Signature Collection, and the beautiful opal and diamond Signature pendant that he is donating. 

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