August, 16 2016

Forever making his mark on the jewelry design world, John Atencio
continues to dazzle customers. Combining luxury and glamour, he
personally designs each piece to create collections for every taste and
style. Celebrating his 40th anniversary this year, Atencio is a creative
force to be reckoned with. Each piece of jewelry has its own compelling
story that is distinctive and personalized. John Atencio’s fine jewelry is
precious and lasting.
Atencio’s jewelry making story began in 1971 when he would utilize CSU’s
art department to build his collection. Early in the process, people thought
he was crazy and questioned his dream. After modest beginnings with
his first store in 1976, he created a buzz and his popularity began to
Time-honored Atencio pieces are given to commemorate milestones
from engagements and weddings to the birth of a child, anniversaries,
and events that celebrate all aspects of life. Each individual piece
demonstrates the pure splendor and appeal of the collection as a whole.
Discover Atencio’s wearable art, contemporary styling, and superb