Top of the Town

July, 23 2015

Top of the Town


Seven times John Atencio has been the Top of the Town recipient in 5280 magazine’s jewelry categories.  For 2015, we are pleased to accept their Top of the Town Reader’s Choice for Local Jewelry Designer.

This award is an honor because it means that you, the public, see our jewelry as either something you would like to acquire; or have already acquired and want Denver to realize your satisfaction.  We work hard to represent the very best we have to offer of our designs, craftsmanship and presentation of our jewelry, and you – our advertising voters.   When you purchase our ‘wearable art’ you represent the best of John Atencio.

Thank you for your active participation in this year’s Top of the Town selection.  Aptly named 5280, we feel a mile high!

              Dan Brogan (owner 5280) and John Atencio


                                           Some of John Atencio staff enjoying the event


                              5280 models showing John Atencio Jewelry