Top 5 Jewelry Gifts for 2020

 Jewelry is a classic gift that inspires romance and excitement. To hit the right note, however, it helps to select a piece that’s both trendy and timeless.

Considered Colorado’s premier jewelry designer, John Atencio brings nearly five decades of experience to all your life celebrations, from weddings and anniversaries to births, holidays and everything in between. Each piece comes with a unique story that will resonate directly with your occasion now and in the years to come. Here are some of the most popular jewelry gift ideas for 2020, along with some advice on how to decide on a piece that will reflect distinctive taste and style you are looking for.

Prominently featuring hand-selected gems, John Atencio creates iconic pieces designed to resonate with your life story and embody the love you share. With matching rings, we rely on artistry and passion to forge pieces that echo a tale of love and commitment for generations to come. Here are some of the reasons to consider matching bands for your ceremony, along with some tips for selecting rings you will both love. 

Pendant Necklaces

A romantic gift that rests near your loved one’s heart, these eye-catching pieces can be simple or beautifully distinct. Because they provide so many opportunities for customization, pendant necklaces are an ideal choice if you want to express your love and thoughtfulness with a unique gift. Select a design that captures your enduring love for each other, or include your children’s birthstones to celebrate your life together. Whatever design you select, a pendant necklace will reflect your special intimacy and familiarity.

Diamond Earrings

Show that special someone just how much you care with this stunning classic. The little black dress of jewelry, diamond studs are a versatile and elegant gift that goes with just about anything. From a business suit to a cocktail dress to a casual outfit on a Sunday afternoon, these stylish must-haves are perfect for every occasion. Timeless and sophisticated, they add just the right touch to any ensemble during holiday festivities and the rest of the year.

Stackable Rings

Multiple stacked rings are in vogue, with celebrities such as Jennifer Garner, Rihanna and Meghan Markle sporting them regularly at events and around town. Not only do stackable rings let the wearer mix, match and coordinate their favorite designs and colors; these customizable jewelry gifts provide you with an easy, ready-made gift for any occasion.

Give them for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, a birthday or a special celebration. You can also work with one of John Atencio’s knowledgeable jewelry consultants to select an inspiring stackable combination that will reflect your loved one’s distinctive style.

Jewelry Sets


The only thing better than a single piece of beautiful jewelry is an entire set. Whatever the occasion, matching pieces provide a winning gift that looks polished on the person wearing it. When you purchase a bracelet, rings, earrings and necklace, you’re expressing a higher degree of thoughtfulness. Because they all feature a certain stone, follow a pattern and are set in similar or complementary ways, matching jewelry sets provide a harmonious look. They also take the guesswork out of mixing and matching, providing a refined, easy-to-wear option that will complement a variety of ensembles.

Hoop Earrings


Hoops come in a diverse array of styles and sizes; but no matter the size, these classic accessories seem to never go out of style. Just like any good statement earring, hoops have a unique ability to attract the eye. Unlike stud and chandelier earrings, hoops have a circular shape that complements the jaw and cheekbones, defining the wearer’s features with both the shade and shape they create. A crucial accessory to any wardrobe, hoops are virtually foolproof. Depending on how they are styled, these fashionable accessories can be dressed down or up for a lovely night out or a quiet day of shopping.

With that said, just like the other options on this list, you can customize hoop earrings with stones, metals and designs to better reflect your loved one’s style. Whether you’re looking for a classic design created around the shape of a hand-selected gemstone or something that’s more personalized, John Atencio’s jewelry consultants can help you select the perfect jewelry gift.

There are many things to consider when deciding on a jewelry gift that will raise eyebrows for all the right reasons. By working with established experts in the jewelry business, you enjoy a wider variety of choices and the expertise to help you decide. Whether you’re looking for something dazzling, simple or a personalized one-of-a-kind gift, the experts at our store in Denver’s Cherry Creek Shopping Center can help you choose the perfect jewelry gift today.

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