Pantheon I Watch with Leather Band

Pantheon I Watch with Leather Band

black and silver IP

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About The Collection

Over a quarter century of thought and planning has been poured into the development of this inaugural John Atencio Timepiece Collection.  

Inspired by the beauty, artistry, and workmanship of the Roman Pantheon, each John Atencio Signature Timepiece is a reflection of the ingenuity of this Ancient temple to the Gods. Each Pantheon timepiece is meticulously designed by John,crafte d using state-of-the-art German steel finishes and Swiss quartz movement technology.

Attention to detail and a commitment to the finest quality co-exist with each John Atencio creation. And so it is with Pantheon, where Artistry meets Precision.  It is a Collection about authenticity and the finest of standards - designed with both the amateur collector and watch aficionado in mind.  

A tribute to 40 years of Artistry and Excellence, John’s unique flair and passion for design are forged in each of the distinct Pantheon styles. Featuring an oversized watch face and Swiss Quarz Movement Technology each timepiece has a luxurious feel that stylishly complements both men and women alike.


Black Iconic Plated (IP) Case with a polished silver IP bezel and crown.  Accented with a classic John Atencio black rope inlay and black dial.  The dial ring and hands are polished silver IP.  The band is fine Austrian leather.

Global in design, each Pantheon timepiece is meticulously crafted using state-of-the-art German steel finishes and Swiss quartz movement technology.

Inspired by beauty, workmanship and uncompromising strength of the Roman Pantheon, these inaugural timepieces reflect the ingenuity and commitment of the ancient Romans and their honored temple of the gods.  Within the Pantheon coffered dome, the aura of the oculus symbolizes the arched vault of the heavens.

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