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The Allure of Amethyst.

Explore our stunning Amethyst
gemstone collection, featuring February's birthstone.

Try on some stopping power

At John Atencio, we create bold statement pieces – wearable art, designed and crafted by hand from the finest materials, all with impeccable attention to detail. The architecture of each piece provides a unique opportunity to make a stunning statement from every perspective. Fluid form. Bold lines. Balanced dimension. After all, what good is wearing something fantastic if it never gets noticed?

Fancy Engagement Rings


Explore John Atencio's Fancy Engagement Rings, and discover custom designs and craftsmanship that symbolize your love story.

Top of the Town

In a career spanning over four decades, John Atencio is an artist, designer and jeweler known for his impeccable quality and compelling and distinct designs.  If you’ve experienced John’s designs, please cast a vote for John Atencio as Denver’s Best Local Designer in this year’s Readers’ Choice ballot.

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Timeless Beauty—Our New Bridal Rings.

Discover the latest Bridal Rings from John Atencio. From sleek, modern designs to opulent diamond-rich styles, each newly designed engagement ring is distinctly fine John Atencio artistry.


Bold and Modern. New Men’s Duplex.

New Men’s Duplex blends bold oxidized sterling silver with 14 karat gold and black diamonds for a distinctly masculine, luxe statement from John Atencio.

New Men's Duplex


Build your men’s wedding band with our new John Atencio Ring Builder. Our innovative new platform allows you to easily design a one-of-a-kind wedding ring that reflects your taste and your lifestyle.  

Build your own Men's Wedding Band Shop Men's Wedding Bands
John Atencio Engagement Rings

John Atencio Engagement

Each John Atencio engagement ring is an artistic love story, made to stand out. The beauty of each ring is in the uniquely inspired, hand-sketched design and the time-honored commitment to exceptional quality.

The art of individualism

We think there is too much symmetry in the world. From his early days, John Atencio challenged the many conventions in jewelry design to create a striking aesthetic that is now celebrated around the globe.