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Diamonds at John Atencio

our mined diamonds

Quality and luxury have always been the key traits of the John Atencio diamond legacy. At their core, the diamonds sourced by John Atencio reflect the same unparalleled commitment to excellence and integrity that has been maintained in all aspects of his business. However, there's a lot more that goes into bringing his customers the beautiful diamonds that bear the John Atencio name.

For mined diamonds in particular, John Atencio maintains unwavering integrity and adherence to the most stringent social and ethical standards found anywhere in the diamond industry.

As part of this commitment, John Atencio only sells mined diamonds that comply with the Kimberly Process Certification Scheme (KPCS), a global effort aimed at eliminating the trade of "conflict diamonds", or rough diamonds used to finance war, human trafficking, and other harmful activities.

Our Philosophy

the kimberly process

Established in 2003, the Kimberly Process requires diamond distributors to adhere to a strict set of guidelines that are designed to eliminate the proliferation of diamonds that originate within the black market.

Due to the sheer volume of black market ‘conflict diamonds’, John Atencio acknowledges the need for measures like The Kimberly Process. What’s more, John Atencio goes the extra mile to ensure that diamonds he sources comply with the Kimberly Process and therefore are screened to minimize environmental degradation, protect against human rights abuses, and maintain safe, responsible labor practices throughout the world.

Sustainable diamond mining

sustainable diamond mining

Mined diamonds from John Atencio have earned a reputation for being some of the most stunning diamonds available.

That reputation reflects 44 years of commitment to excellence and is built upon long-standing relationships with miners, cutters and diamond suppliers, and a steadfast dedication to ethical and sustainable diamond sourcing. This commitment gives our customers full confidence that the diamonds they buy from John Atencio will be free from the taint of war or human suffering.

As with any diamond, the four C’s—Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat Weight—are crucial for gauging value and rarity. At John Atencio, our diamond experts work with each customer to ensure that their diamond requirements in terms of size, clarity, cut and color are met, while maintaining our highest standards.

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our lab-created diamonds

Today, beautiful diamonds are more affordable than ever. Why?

Lab-created diamonds have become the sustainable choice for many looking to enhance their engagement ring or other diamond setting with the elegant timelessness of a diamond... without the mined diamond cost or the environmental impact.

Lab-created diamonds are 'grown' in dedicated facilities using highly specialized technology, equipment and responsibly sourced raw materials.

By studying the natural process of diamond creation, lab diamonds recreate the environment in which diamonds form within the earth. They are equally as stunning as mined diamonds – differentiated only by their origin. And, they carry the John Atencio name, meaning they represent only the finest lab-created diamonds available, anywhere.

Why choose a lab-created diamond?

Why choose a lab-created diamond?

In the world of diamonds, the 'Four Cs' have always dictated diamond value. Cut, color, clarity, and carat weight are still the standards by which all diamonds are measured. Lab-created diamonds are held to the same strict standards as mined diamonds, which makes manufacturing them an incredibly difficult and time-consuming process. In the same way, the lab-created rough diamond is cut and polished by master cutters into beautifully faceted gems.

Choosing a lab-created diamond also eliminates the human and environmental toll of mining diamonds. Simply put, a John Atencio lab-created diamond is the new standard of environmental stewardship and responsible ethics in the diamond trade.

Sustainable Diamond Value from John Atencio

Sustainable Diamond Value from John Atencio

If you're looking for an affordable alternative to mined diamonds, John Atencio lab-created diamonds are the perfect choice. And, when one of our lab-created diamonds is paired with a John Atencio setting, the result is an artistic expression of beauty and luxury unlike anything else.

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