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Pear Shaped Diamond Engagement Rings

Pear Shaped Diamond Engagement Rings
Introducing John Atencio’s Pear shaped diamond engagement rings, a collection that pays homage to the enduring charm of this inspired diamond cut, rich in history. Crafted with John Atencio’s hand-sketched artistry, our Pear shaped collection showcases the unique beauty of this teardrop diamond shape in distinctive John Atencio solitaire and halo settings. With rounded curves narrowing to a graceful point, each ring is a stunning blend of sophistication and uncommon elegance. Immerse yourself in the allure of the Pear-cut with John Atencio- and elevate your engagement with a distinctive and elegant symbol of your unique love story.
Pear Shaped Diamond Engagement Rings
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Common Questions About Our Pear Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

Why choose a Pear Cut Diamond for your engagement ring?
If you're looking for a mix of elegance and individuality, the Pear Cut is an incredible choice. This teardrop-shaped design delivers both the sparkle of a round cut and the one-of-a-kind aspect of a marquise in an exclusive blend.
What makes the Pear Cut's brilliance stand out?
With the blend of round and marquise forms, the Pear Cut diamond is expertly crafted to deliver unparalleled brilliance. Its combination of round curves and a sharp tip is specifically created to maximize the reflection of light.
Which settings are ideal for Pear Cut Diamonds?
Thanks to their versatility, Pear Cut Diamonds work wonderfully with all sorts of settings. Whether it's a classic solitaire that emphasizes the diamond's unique shape, a halo setting that brings additional luster, or a bespoke setting infused with personal flair, Pear Cut Diamonds can truly do it all.
How to select the perfect Pear Cut diamond and ensure its care?
While selecting a Pear Cut diamond, it's essential to look for the 4 Cs, paying special attention to its symmetry. This will confirm that the point aligns perfectly with the round end's apex. Preserving the brilliance of your Pear Cut diamond, opt for a protective setting, particularly for the diamond's pointed end, and implement a routine cleaning process to keep it shining brightly.
What distinguishes John Atencio's Pear Cut Diamond Rings?
The Pear Cut rings from John Atencio are meticulously created with hand-drawn designs, reflecting the deep heritage of the cut. Every ring exhibits the singular charm of this teardrop shape, incorporated in refined and unusually stylish frame designs.
Can I customize a Pear Cut Diamond Engagement Ring at John Atencio?
John Atencio extends the opportunity to customize your Pear Cut Diamond Engagement Ring. By offering options suited to your unique tastes, a truly one-of-a-kind piece awaits you.
What warranty and sizing options are available?
John Atencio ensures your satisfaction by offering customizable services aligned with your preferences, backed by a comprehensive warranty. This warranty serves as a protection against potential defects in craftsmanship, giving you the peace of mind you need with your purchase. John Atencio's warranty particularly covers any deficiencies in both craftsmanship and materials used. For sizing concerns, you can refer to their precise guide or engage their dedicated customer service for assistance, ensuring your engagement ring is a perfect fit.
Financing, returns, and viewing options: What should I know?
John Atencio collaborates with two esteemed financial institutions, Affirm and Wells Fargo, to ensure that his exquisite designer rings are within reach for everyone. These finance providers have a stellar reputation for their budget-friendly and flexible financing options, serving a wide range of customers across the country. We want you to be fully aware of our return policy before you make a purchase. At John Atencio, we happily accept returns and exchanges for unworn, undamaged jewelry within 14 days of delivery. Should you be between 15 and 30 days post-delivery, we still offer an exchange or store credit. Do keep in mind, however, that customized pieces, such as our unique engagement rings, are not eligible for return or exchange. To view our delightful Pear Cut Diamond Rings, visit a John Atencio boutique or opt for the convenience of our virtual viewing options.