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Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Rings
Indulge in the allure of John Atencio’s Princess Cut diamond engagement ring collection, featuring some of his most iconic and time-honored designs. As a master of design, John has elevated the Princess cut to new heights, creating exquisite diamond rings that embody his distinctive artistry with brilliance, and timeless sophistication. In the realm of fancy diamond shapes, the Princess Cut reigns supreme, offering a modern and edgy square alternative. Whether showcased in the Intrigue ring or even Ventana, discover the John Atencio princess collection and bring timeless elegance to a lifetime of love.
Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Rings
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Common Questions About Our Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

Why choose a Princess Cut Diamond for your engagement ring?
The Princess Cut is celebrated for its sleek, contemporary aesthetics coupled with bright shimmer. It features a modern square design with angular, untrimmed corners that optimize light diffusion, rendering it an excellent pick for those seeking to marry the old and the new.
What distinguishes the Princess Cut's brilliance?
Are you aware that the Princess Cut diamond is engineered to achieve unparalleled brilliance? Its unique facet arrangement, akin to the round brilliant cut but with a flair of squareness, facilitates extraordinary light reflection. This attribute makes it one of the most radiant square-cut diamonds on the market.
Recommended settings for Princess Cut Diamonds?
The adaptability of Princess Cut Diamonds enables them to fit a range of style settings. If you prefer to emphasize the sleek lines of the cut, one of John’s iconic Solitaire settings might suit your taste. For those desiring to accentuate the size and brilliance, a Halo setting could be your ideal choice. And remember, a setting with prongs at each corner can offer an extra layer of protection for your diamond's edges.
How to select the perfect Princess Cut diamond and ensure its care?
If you're eyeing a Princess Cut diamond, it's important to look at the cut quality. This ensures the stone's brilliance shines through. And because of its pointed corners, it's essential to opt for a setting that offers them protection, contributing to the diamond's longevity. Regular cleanings and check-ups are necessary to keep this beautiful stone at its best.
What makes John Atencio's Princess Cut Diamond Rings unique?
The Princess Cut rings at John Atencio are nothing short of a masterpiece, displaying a testament to his incredible design and unique craftsmanship. Each piece in the collection artfully marries the ageless elegance and the shine of the Princess Cut, truly capturing his signature creative flair.
Can I customize a Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring at John Atencio?
If you're interested in giving a personalized touch to your Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring, you're at the right place. John Atencio provides a variety of services to customize your ring according to your unique desires and requirements.
What warranty and sizing options are available?
At John Atencio, our sweeping warranty covers you for any complications stemming from craftsmanship or material quality. We strongly advise that you utilize our provided ring size chart or get in touch with our attentive customer service team to guarantee an ideal fit for your engagement ring. The right fit is not just a matter of treasuring comfort, but also about ensuring safe wearability. With certainty, our John Atencio crew is on hand to aid you at every juncture. You have the ease of navigating our uncomplicated online ring size chart or you can turn to our proficient customer service team who are always prepared and pleased to assist.
Financing, returns, and viewing options: What should I know?
We at John Atencio are thrilled to collaborate with renowned financial entities like Affirm and Wells Fargo, further making our exquisite designer rings attainable to people like you, nationwide. Before sealing the deal on your purchase, we stress the importance of familiarizing yourself with our return policy. At John Atencio, we gladly accept returns and exchanges of unworn, untouched items within a 14-day window from receipt. If you are within 15-30 days after delivery, don't worry, we extend an option to exchange your piece or avail of store credit. However, it's important to note that custom designs, including our unique engagement rings, are not eligible for return or exchange. We cordially invite you to visit our John Atencio store to marvel at the sheer brilliance of our Princess Cut Diamond Rings, or take a virtual tour from the comfort and safety of your own home, thus experiencing first-hand the unparalleled elegance of our jewelry.