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The Modern Jewelry Podcast

The Modern Jewelry Podcast

The Modern Jewelry Podcast is an interview style series that will help you gain insight and stay up to date on Jewelry in our modern world. We will feature knowledgeable jewelry experts with years of experience in their fields, asking tough questions and getting honest answers on today’s most relevant topics in the jewelry industry. Join us for new episodes on the ever-changing world of modern jewelry.
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How To Do A Surprise Proposal


Wedding proposals carry a lot of emotion. Add the element of surprise and things can get complicated. In this conversation with Lex Atencio, we discuss what to consider and how to overcome the common obstacles. Lex also shares a lot of stories from his years of working with customers. Join us for this interesting conversation.

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How to Style Jewelry


In this episode, we speak to Hailee Lucchesi, a jewelry connoisseur and haute couture stylist based in Denver Colorado. Hailee brings a unique perspective to styling jewelry and provides practical tips on how to create your look and make a personal statement everyday through jewelry. Whether it is costume jewelry or high jewelry, Hailee’s expertise and advice is a must for your podcast listening.

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The Ins and Outs of Natural Diamonds


In this episode, we talk to Christophe de Borrekens, an accomplished professional in the diamond industry, residing in Antwerp Belgium. We speak about the history of natural or mined diamonds and the importance of Antwerp as the world’s diamond capital. Christophe also discusses ethical sourcing of mined diamonds, the Kimberley Process, and the case for natural diamonds as the preferred diamond investment in the long-term.

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