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The Modern Jewelry Podcast

The Modern Jewelry Podcast

The Modern Jewelry Podcast is an interview style series that will help you gain insight and stay up to date on Jewelry in our modern world. We will feature knowledgeable experts with years of experience in their fields. We will ask the tough questions and get the honest answers on today’s most relevant topics. Join us for new episodes on the ever-changing world of modern jewelry.
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Lab Grown Diamonds:

In this episode we talk to Lex Atencio, a resident expert on diamonds, including Lab Grown Diamonds (a.k.a. Man-Made diamonds). Lex provides interesting details on the history and tradition surrounding diamonds – and insight into the rise of lab grown diamonds. He brings a unique and balanced perspective on what to consider when shopping for a diamond in today’s marketplace.

Engagement Rings, The Real Truth:

This episode speaks to the Engagement ring process – and provides all the insights needed to help navigate the somewhat daunting engagement ring and diamond process for the first time. We talk to Lex Atencio, who walks through a conversation with a prospective customer, highlighting the 4 C’s, and what to look for when shopping for a custom engagement ring.

The Legacy of John Atencio:

In this episode, we speak with John Atencio, an artist, designer, and icon in the jewelry industry. In a career spanning over four decades, John Atencio, a native of Colorado, reflects on his journey from selling out of his VW van to his first store in a small alley near CSU in Fort Collins to the changes he has experienced over the past 46 years. Now, with six stores in Colorado, John infuses his creations with his personal experience of the world.