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Halo Engagement Rings by John Atencio

Halo Engagement Rings by John Atencio
Embrace the radiance and romance of John Atencio’s Halo Engagement Ring Collection. Each ring brings John’s iconic artistry and time-honored craftsmanship to settings encircled by a rich halo of fine diamond brilliance. We’re honored to present this curated collection of halo engagement rings. Let us guide you as you imagine the perfect celebration of your eternal love story.
Halo Engagement Rings by John Atencio
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Common Questions About Our Halo Engagement Rings

What exactly is a halo engagement ring?
Having a halo engagement ring is truly enchanting. This style is defined by a center gem—most often a diamond—that is enveloped by a 'halo' of tinier, often pave set gemstones. This stunning arrangement magnifies the ring's sparkle and gives the impression of a more sizable center gemstone. Among its variations, the classic single halo, the visually striking double halo, and the luxurious double-edge halo, showcasing halos from both top and side views, are notable.
What is a double halo engagement ring?
Just as it sounds, a double halo engagement ring boasts two circular "halos" of petite diamonds encircling the center diamond. This design provides an extra dimension of brilliance throughout and the illusion of a larger diamond. At present, double halo engagement rings showcasing oval cut diamonds are especially favored, presenting a mix of retro allure and contemporary sophistication.
What are the different types of halo settings available?
Halo-style engagement rings offer a brilliant way to highlight the center diamond, and among these, various styles cater to different preferences. The classic halo setting, for instance, encircles the primary diamond with many smaller diamonds, creating a dazzling 'halo' effect. Alternatively, a double halo setting comprises two consecutive circles of smaller diamonds that amplify the center diamond's size and sparkle.

For a unique touch, the cushion halo setting comes in a square or rectangular form with softened edges, much like a cushion. This versatile setting works with a variety of diamond shapes, but it's especially favored for round or cushion cut stones.

The vintage halo setting, an elegant choice for those who appreciate vintage jewelry. With its intricate detailing, milgrain edges, and elements that exude old-world charm and romance, it’s a timeless beauty. Regardless of the halo setting, each one can be paired with different band styles, such as pave, solitaire, or split shank, opening up a plethora of customization options.
Can I customize my John Atencio halo engagement ring?
Definitely, the customization service provided by John Atencio lets you craft a bespoke halo engagement ring that showcases your personal style. Whether you are modifying an existing John Atencio design - or creating the ring of your dreams, the experts at John Atencio are ready to guide you. In modifying an existing design, customization spans from selecting the precious metal (including choices such as yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, or platinum) to deciding on the size, shape, and quality of the centerstone diamond and other gemstones. John Atencio's consultants are on hand to steer you effortlessly through the customization journey, ensuring every aspect of your ring meets your dreams and expectations. They'll assist you in understanding the 4 C’s and the different features of diamonds and other gemstones, and how these factors influence the overall look and value of your engagement ring.
What diamond shapes work best with halo settings?
Halo settings accommodate various diamond shapes. Nonetheless, certain cuts significantly enhance the allure of these settings.

With round diamonds, halo settings are admirable. The mutual symmetry of the round diamond and the surrounding ring of smaller stones delivers the right amount of balance, thus magnifying the diamond's radiance and making it seem bigger.

A wonderful fusion is formed when cushion cut diamonds are set in halo styles. The rounded corners and square silhouette of cushion cuts integrate seamlessly with a halo, and the additional sparkle from the halo elevates the diamond's radiance.

Halo settings also highlight the geometric precision of princess cut diamonds. The mix of the cutting-edge halo and the sharp angles of the diamond constitutes a visually compelling contrast.

The unique shapes of oval and pear-shaped diamonds are enhanced by halo settings. Their lengthened structures are accentuated even more by a halo of small diamonds, bringing a hint of vintage sophistication to the ring.
Emerald cut diamonds, too, beautifully complement halo settings. Although their brilliance might not be as dazzling, a halo can certainly magnify their luster.
Do halo settings make the center diamond look bigger?
Undeniably, halo settings have the remarkable ability to make the center diamond seem larger than its actual size. This magic is elegantly staged in the Double Halo Engagement Ring styles. With two radiant halos of diamonds encircling the central stone, the stone's size and sparkle are significantly amplified. From a top view or a side glimpse, the ring dazzles with diamonds showcasing their shine from every possible angle. This arrangement proves optimal if you're looking towards a smaller central stone or if your heart simply desire an abundance of glitz and glamor.
Are halo engagement rings a trend, or are they timeless?
The halo engagement ring, with its origins in the Georgian and Victorian eras, is not merely a phase in fashion but a style with a deep-rooted history. These rings, distinguished by a central gem encircled by a 'halo' of smaller gems, have remained popular over centuries for their unique elegance. Many people today still prefer this design as the halo effect magnifies the size and sparkle of the center gem, thereby producing an impressive visual appeal. This enduring popularity suggests the timeless nature of halo engagement rings.

While these rings are indeed timeless, it's also accurate to say that halo engagement rings are experiencing a renewed wave of interest. This renewed interest can be linked to several factors, such as their ability to work with current fashion trends due to their vintage charm, and their adaptability to different center stones and metals.
Are there financing options available for purchasing an engagement ring?
At John Atencio, our mission is to create a complete range of engagement rings available to all of our customers. In order to fulfill this goal, we have a longstanding association with two trusted and well-established finance providers - Affirm and Wells Fargo. Both of these finance organizations are celebrated in the domestic market for their adaptability and reasonable pricing, serving numerous customers across the nation with their dependable financial solutions.
How should I care for and maintain my Halo Diamond Engagement Ring?
Your Halo Diamond Engagement Ring demands a consistent routine of cleaning, inspection, and safe storage to preserve its beauty. Remember, such a remarkable piece of jewelry needs tender care.

At John Atencio, we are prepared to assist you with detailed guidelines on taking care of your ring, offering insights into cleaning methods and secure storage options. Moreover, annual inspections of your ring by our skilled team at John Atencio ensure that it gets treated to a professional cleaning and polishing process.

Be sure to store your Halo Diamond Engagement Ring separate from other jewelry in a fabric-lined box when not worn, to protect it from scratches. Crucially, keep your ring insured under a comprehensive plan to safeguard it against loss, damage, or theft. Please note, John Atencio offers a Lifetime Care Plan at the point of purchase to provide comprehensive care to maintain your ring over its lifetime.

Ultimately, your engagement ring symbolizes love and commitment. Cherishing and taking care of your ring mirrors the reverence you have for its symbology.
How long will it take to receive my Halo Engagement Ring?
Curious about when to expect your diamond engagement ring? The delivery timeline is largely dependent on customization and all the specifics of your order. At John Atencio, we pride ourselves in custom crafting each ring to perfectly fit your chosen center-stone. We generally allow 6-weeks for your made to order ring. For a more detailed and personalized timeline, we encourage you to get in touch with us at John Atencio.

Should you need any help with your order, we're always ready to assist. Just drop us an email at or call our committed customer service team at 800-219-0276.
Any tips on choosing an engagement ring style?
When selecting a style for your engagement ring, consider your daily activities, personal style, and budget. You may favor durability and simplicity if you have an active lifestyle, or you may opt for a more elaborate design if you love to make a statement. Above all, remember that the engagement ring is a symbol of your love and commitment—it should represent your unique bond and make your heart sparkle every time you look at it.