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Solitaire Engagement Rings by John Atencio

Solitaire Engagement Rings by John Atencio
The Solitaire Engagement Ring Collection by John Atencio epitomizes timeless elegance through refined simplicity and unparalleled design. Each solitaire, set in a finely crafted setting, showcases a singular, radiant diamond that captures the essence of John Atencio artistry. Explore this curated selection and let us assist you in creating a solitaire ring as enduring as your love story.
Solitaire Engagement Rings by John Atencio
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Common Questions About Our Solitaire Engagement Rings

What defines a solitaire engagement ring?
The elegance of a solitaire engagement ring lies in its simplicity, showcasing a single sparkling gem at its heart.

This classic style appreciates the allure of a single diamond or gemstone held within its grasp. Deriving its name from the word 'solitaire', suggesting singularity, the focus is solely on the central diamond, adorning it sans any distractions. A variety of mountings can be used to secure the precious stone, be it prong, channel or bezel settings. Traditionally, you'll find four to six prongs being employed in solitaire settings to secure the jewel. Many of John’s modern designs employ channel settings.
What diamond shapes are popular for solitaire settings?
If you're after a traditional, classic solitaire setting with a round brilliant cut diamond, it is a popular choice. This diamond shape is loved for its fantastic sparkle and it works well with the simplicity of the solitaire setting. The princess cut diamond is another great option, especially if you want a modern, square look that still sparkles plenty. Rings with oval cut diamonds are popular too. The stretched shape of the diamond makes it look bigger and the soft edges give it a sophisticated feel. If a vintage or art deco look is what you're after, go for an emerald cut diamond. This diamond has a rectangular shape with a sequence of repeated rectangular facets, creating a 'hall of mirrors' effect. The simplicity of the solitaire setting lets this unique cut take center stage.
Can I customize my John Atencio solitaire engagement ring?
Yes, you can indeed make your John Atencio solitaire engagement ring uniquely yours. The customization options are plentiful to make sure your ring represents your unique love story. You can pick from various metals like gold or platinum for the band.

You can personalize your ring further by hand-selecting the diamond or gemstone. John Atencio offers a wide range of fine, responsibly sourced diamond and gemstone choices, from classic round or princess cut diamonds to unique shapes like pear cut or marquise cut.

Remember, customization may take a bit longer than an existing style, but the outcome will be a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry that fits your preferences perfectly.
How does a solitaire ring differ from other engagement ring styles?
A solitaire ring stands out for its simplicity and grace, showcasing a single diamond or precious stone set into the band. The lone gem takes center stage in this style, unlike other styles that might include multiple stones or more complex designs. To illustrate, halo rings frame the main stone with smaller diamonds to add to its brilliance, and three-stone rings embody the past, present, and future of the couple.

The way the stone is set makes a difference. Solitaire rings are commonly held by prong settings, which allows maximum light to enter and amplify the diamond's brilliance. Various other styles may use bezel or channel settings that give more security to the stones and still be carefully designed to let the light in.

Lastly, thanks to their versatility, solitaire rings can pair well with a variety of wedding bands, from plain to diamond. In contrast, some engagement ring styles with twists or complicated designs might call for a matching wedding band that blends perfectly with the design.
Are there financing options available for purchasing an engagement ring?
At John Atencio, our intent is to ensure that everyone can access our unique collection of designer rings. We've joined hands with two credible and well-established finance providers to make this possible. The first option is provided by Affirm, while the second is offered through Wells Fargo. Both of these institutions are esteemed for their adaptability and cost-effectiveness within the local sector. They have reliably served a multitude of customers throughout the country with their dependable financing solutions.
How should I care for and maintain my Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring?
Keep your Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring sparkling with regular washes. Soak your ring in a warm soapy water mix for 20 to 40 minutes. After that, scrub gently with a soft toothbrush. Rinse well under warm water and wipe dry with a soft cloth.

For detailed care tips such as cleaning and safekeeping, John Atencio can guide you. Plus, they offer their John Atencio fine jewelry cleaner and annual professional ring check-up, clean, and polish.

Take off your ring during risky activities such as gardening, cooking, cleaning, or sports to avoid damage or loss. When not wearing it, store your ring in a soft-lined box, pouch, or a compartmented box. If you use a plain jewelry box, wrap your ring in tissue paper to avoid scratches.
How long will it take to receive my Solitaire Engagement Ring?
Curious about when you can expect to receive your diamond engagement ring? The delivery time depends on a few key factors, including your specific order details. Remember, at John Atencio, we custom-create each ring to maintain the dimensions and perfectly suit your chosen center-stone. For a detailed and tailored delivery timeline, we encourage you to contact us directly at John Atencio.

Need a hand with your order? Don't worry, we're here to assist you. Simply send your inquiries to or phone our dedicated customer service line at 800-219-0276.