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A Word on Sustainability

Our Diamond Commitment

John Atencio maintains unwavering integrity and adherence to the most stringent social and ethical standards found within the diamond industry. We take pride in conducting our business with the utmost integrity and social awareness.

Our commitment is based on long-standing relationships with miners, cutters and diamond suppliers, and steadfast dedication to ethical and sustainable diamond sourcing. This commitment gives our customers the full confidence that the diamonds they buy from John Atencio are free from any taint of war, human suffering or any type of exploitation.

Because of this commitment, It is vitally important that our rough diamonds are responsibly sourced and adhere to the most stringent guidelines possible. We make certain that our long-term suppliers are transparent and guarantee that their diamonds adhere to the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme, created by governments of nations involved in the diamond trade. John Atencio fully supports the industry’s self-regulation program.

We know that each John Atencio diamond ring is a powerful symbol. We ensure our customer that our diamonds are responsibly mined and our craftsmanship, design and quality are always of the finest standards.

Recycled Gold

We are also committed to using recycled gold in the crafting of our John Atencio gold designs and work with manufacturing facilities that are committed to this same goal.


We are committed to responsible sourcing and give preference to paper suppliers that utilize certified paper and are recognized as stewards of responsible forestry management.

Employee Training and Engagement

At John Atencio, we are committed to providing equal opportunity and strive to maintain an open and ongoing dialogue with our employees. We are committed to training and engage in a broad-range of training activities, educational opportunities and off-site team building efforts throughout the year. Our goal is to make John Atencio a fulfilling place to work. We also strive to identify ways to foster a close team environment and one that allows for formal and informal touchpoints and feedback.