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Diamond Tennis Bracelets

Diamond Tennis Bracelets
Discover the distinct quality and brilliant selection of John Atencio diamond Tennis bracelets. Ranging from G-H in color and SI1 in clarity, choose from 1 to 5 carats set in 14 karat recycled white, yellow or rose gold. Of course, with each of our diamond tennis bracelets, the diamonds are matched for brilliance and are ethically and responsibly sourced – maintaining the highest standards. We also offer Lab diamond tennis bracelets for women on select designs. You can be assured of each John Atencio diamond tennis bracelet design's exceptional quality, integrity, and distinct beauty.
Diamond Tennis Bracelets

Frequently Asked Questions about Tennis Bracelets

Why are they called diamond “tennis” bracelets?
Diamond tennis bracelets have a somewhat unusual namesake: in 1987, world-class professional tennis player Chris Evert was in the heat of an intense match, only to find that her diamond bracelet had fallen off her wrist. She subsequently halted the game to look for her beloved jewelry piece. Since then, this particular bracelet style has been referred to as a diamond tennis bracelet.
Which hand do you wear a diamond tennis bracelet on?
A diamond tennis bracelet typically goes on your non-dominant wrist, which for most people is the left hand. Likewise, a left-handed person typically wears a tennis bracelet on the right wrist. Learn more about how to wear a diamond tennis bracelet.
What is the best size for a tennis bracelet?
A diamond tennis bracelet will fit best when it is tight enough not to fall off, but loose enough to move freely and comfortably. Some wearers choose to go by the one finger rule, which states that if you can fit one finger between the tennis bracelet and your wrist, it’s considered a good fit.