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Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Rings
Crafted with John Atencio’s unique artistry, our Emerald Cut diamond ring collection captures the essence of this prized diamond’s allure. Each of these curated John Atencio engagement ring designs accentuate the rare and distinctive beauty of the emerald-cut. It’s time to elevate your engagement with a John Atencio creation – where each ring is a testament to the harmonious blend of artistry, hand-crafted tradition and impeccable craftsmanship. Explore our Emerald Cut Collection and select a John Atencio engagement ring that mirrors the confidence and distinctive style of the woman who wears it.
Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Rings
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Common Questions About Our Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

Why choose an Emerald Cut Diamond for your engagement ring?
The Emerald Cut is celebrated for its refined beauty and crystalline clarity. Its extended, step-cut features and expansive table emphasize the intrinsic allure of the diamond, creating a captivating optical illusion reminiscent of a hall of mirrors. This cut remains an excellent selection for individuals who appreciate meticulous precision and subdued elegance.
What distinguishes the Emerald Cut's appearance?
What makes the Emerald Cut stand out is its remarkable capacity to highlight the diamond's sheer brilliance and purity through its elongated shape and rectangular facets. This cut accentuates the clarity of the diamond, resulting in a refined and understated sparkle.
Recommended settings for Emerald Cut Diamonds?
When it comes to Emerald Cut Diamonds, you'll want to choose settings that not only safeguard the corners, but also highlight their distinct geometric design. Consider four-prong solitaire or a halo setting to boost sparkle and enhance its lengthy profile.
How to select the ideal Emerald Cut diamond and ensure its care?
When choosing an Emerald Cut diamond, you should pay special attention to clarity and color. This is because the large table of this diamond cut makes any inclusions and color differences more apparent. It's also recommended to choose a setting that protects the corners from chipping. To ensure its lasting beauty, regular cleanings and inspections are necessary.
What makes John Atencio's Emerald Cut Diamond Rings unique?
Every Emerald Cut ring at John Atencio celebrates distinctive artisanship and time-honored handcrafting. Each piece is skillfully shaped to enhance the one-of-a-kind appeal of the Emerald Cut, mirroring the self-assured elegance and personal style of the wearer.
Can I customize an Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring at John Atencio?
Indeed, customization is an option so you can fashion a ring that synchronizes flawlessly with your dream. John Atencio provides bespoke choices to fine-tune the design, guaranteeing a unique piece that's truly yours.
What warranty and sizing options are available?
John Atencio offers a guarantee that protects against defects in materials and workmanship. To ensure your engagement ring is an ideal fit, you're encouraged to utilize John Atencio's sizing guide or get in touch with their customer service. More than just comfort, the perfect fit ensures your ring is worn securely. At John Atencio, we're here to help. You can either utilize our straightforward online ring sizing guide, or reach out to our dedicated team of customer service representatives to assist you.
Financing, returns, and viewing options: What should I know?
John Atencio partners with respected financial bodies, Affirm and Wells Fargo, to make his elegant designer rings accessible to all. With a strong track record in offering customer-friendly and versatile financing solutions, these providers cater to diverse customers nationwide. We believe it's essential that you're cognizant of our return policy before you commit to a purchase. At John Atencio, we gladly welcome returns and exchanges for unused, intact items within 14 days from the delivery date. If you're in the 15-30 day post-delivery window, we continue to offer an exchange or shop credit. However, do remember that bespoke items, like our special engagement rings, cannot be returned or exchanged. For a glimpse of our exquisite Emerald Cut Diamond Rings, you're cordially invited to a John Atencio store or you can enjoy a virtual tour from your home comfort.