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Oval Diamond Engagement Rings

Oval Diamond Engagement Rings
Step into the world of timeless elegance with John Atencio’s Oval diamond engagement ring designs. Each ring is a testament to John's unparalleled artistry, inspired design, and exceptional craftsmanship. Celebrated for their uniqueness and timelessness, the Oval takes center stage in this latest collection – standing out against other shapes thanks to their distinctive elongated design. Immerse yourself in the brilliance and allure of an Oval-cut engagement ring by John Atencio, where each ring is a work of art that blends classic sophistication with a modern twist.
Oval Diamond Engagement Rings
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Common Questions About Our Oval Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

Why choose an Oval Cut Diamond for your engagement ring?
An Oval Cut Diamond gracefully marries classic style with contemporary appeal. The lengthened form has the effect of lending the finger a more elongated, slender look. Meanwhile, its brilliant faceting ramps up the sparkle, positioning this diamond shape as a preferred pick for those pursuing both aesthetic appeal and a dash of modern flair.
What distinguishes the Oval Cut's brilliance?
The Oval Cut, with its distinctive elongated form, is created to deliver sparkle comparable to that of a round brilliant cut. This cut is specifically designed to enhance light refraction, giving you a diamond that shines with liveliness and brightness.
Recommended settings for Oval Cut Diamonds?
Oval Cut Diamonds bear a versatility that makes them exceptional in multiple settings. You might choose a solitaire setting for a timeless and sophisticated allure, consider halo settings to accentuate their dimension and shine, or opt for side-stone settings to intensify their luminosity and intricacy.
How to select the perfect Oval Cut diamond and ensure its care?
If you're selecting an Oval Cut diamond, it's vital to consider the length-to-width ratio to get the proportion you desire. Also, make sure the diamond exhibits excellent symmetry. Regular care, including cleaning and inspections, is essential to maintain the gleam of your Oval Cut diamond. Opt for a setting that provides maximum security for your precious diamond.
What makes John Atencio's Oval Cut Diamond Rings unique?
At John Atencio, the Oval Cut rings reflect an unmatched blend of exceptional workmanship and artistic innovation. Every design showcases the distinct and eternal beauty of the Oval Cut - a true testimony to John's inspired vision and masterful finesse.
Can I customize an Oval Cut Diamond Engagement Ring at John Atencio?
If you're looking to make your Oval Cut Diamond Engagement Ring truly your own, John Atencio has you covered with a variety of personalized options. Our customization services are designed to tailor your ring to your unique style and tastes.
What warranty and sizing options are available?
John Atencio provides a warranty that guards against flaws in craftsmanship and materials. You're advised to make use of John Atencio's ring sizing guide or contact their customer care to ensure your engagement ring fits flawlessly. Achieving the perfect fit is about more than simply comfort - it will also ensure your ring is securely worn. At John Atencio, we're committed to supporting you. Feel free to reference our uncomplicated online ring sizing guide, or confide in our expert customer service team who are available to help you.
Financing, returns, and viewing options: What should I know?
We at John Atencio work in cooperation with renowned financial establishments, Affirm and Wells Fargo, offering flexible payment plans to ensure our exquisite designer rings become more attainable for our customers nationwide. Prior to confirming any purchase, it's crucial you fully understand our return policy. At John Atencio, we gladly offer returns and exchanges for unworn, perfect condition items within 14 days from the date they were received. If you're 15-30 days post delivery, don't worry, we still provide the option to exchange the item or receive store credit. It's worth noting, however, that our custom designs, including our unique engagement rings, are excluded from return or exchange. We invite you to visit our John Atencio store to marvel at our stunning Oval Cut Diamond Rings or take a virtual tour from the comfort of your home, so you can appreciate these masterpieces in all their grandeur.