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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ About Our Lifetime Care Plan

Can I purchase the Lifetime Care Plan online?

Yes! You must purchase a Lifetime Care Plan at the time of your jewelry purchase. You can buy jewelry and Care Plans on our website.
Please note that the price of our Care Plan depends on the purchase price range of the jewelry piece you buy. Please see the table of Care Plan options above.

What purchases is the Lifetime Care Plan available for?

Our Lifetime Care Plan is available on new John Atencio jewelry and is sold at the time of purchase.

What if my jewelry breaks or needs care?

Not to worry, we have you covered! We will have you reunited with your cherished piece shortly. Simply call us or stop by any of our store locations. We will repair (or replace) your piece and send it back to you when it is ready. Your piece will look as beautiful as the first day you purchased it!

What if I want to cancel my coverage?

Simply contact us. You may receive a full or partial refund according to your Terms and Conditions.

Is the Lifetime Care Plan transferable?

Yes, the lifetime JM Care Plan is transferable within the first 180 days after purchase. Contact us to update the Care Plan record.

If I return my purchase, is the Lifetime Care Plan refundable?

Yes, the plan is fully refundable within 30 days. After 30 days, the refunded amount will be prorated.

How are Lifetime Care Plan claims submitted?

Claims are submitted through the JM Care Plan portal. Simply bring your piece to a John Atencio location and we will facilitate the repair for you. If you are out of town or not close to a John Atencio store, you can submit the claim directly by contacting the customer service at the JM Care plan. Shipping and insurance coverage to the authorized repair facility is covered by the plan.