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Our Warranty

For over 47 years, each John Atencio design has been hand-sketched and carefully hand-crafted using the highest quality materials and standards. We are proud of this tradition of artistry and excellence and continue to maintain our hallmark of quality to our customers.



We guarantee each piece of John Atencio jewelry to be free from Manufacturing defects. We are also committed to our repair quality and will ensure that our craftsmanship on repairs also adheres to the highest standards – consistent with our longstanding tradition. (See additional information on Manufacturing defects below.)

Manufacturer’s Defects – Our Warranty

For the first 90 days (after a purchase), John Atencio guarantees each piece to be free from manufacturing defects. This time period is generally adequate to determine if a manufacturing defect has occurred. We will make necessary repairs and will work to restore the quality standard that has been established once it is determined that a manufacturing defect has occurred. If a customer presents a manufacturing defect after 90 days – we will consider the circumstances and address the issue on an individual basis.

Improper Care

John Atencio is not responsible for damage caused by improper care. This includes, but is not limited to, prolonged exposure to heat or cold, water damage, exposure to household cleaners, abrasive cloths or cleaners, hair products, lotions, perfumes and any abusive wear or improper cleaning, use or storage.

Complimentary Cleaning

We offer complimentary in-store cleaning over the lifetime of your John Atencio jewelry. This not only ensures that your diamonds and gemstones are cleaned, it also includes in-store routine (every six months) checking to make sure all stones are secure in their settings. With proper care, your John Atencio jewelry will maintain its beauty, luster and character for generations to come. Contact us or bring one of your pieces into any John Atencio location for cleaning. There will be a charge for ‘professional’ cleaning, polishing or rhodium of any silver or gold JA jewelry.

Complimentary First Sizing

John Atencio will provide a complimentary first sizing on full priced rings at the time of purchase.


When you purchase a John Atencio engagement ring and diamond, you will receive superlative care over the lifetime of your ring. We are proud to provide the following services to help you maintain the beauty and luster of your ring for generations to come.

Setting Your Gemstone

We will set your John Atencio diamond or gemstone into that perfectly sized John Atencio setting at no charge. We will also size your ring and solder your wedding band, if desired, within the year following the purchase of your wedding set.

Complimentary Polishing and Refurbishing

John Atencio offers complimentary in-store cleaning over the lifetime of your John Atencio jewelry. This includes in-store routine (every six months) checking to make sure stones are secure in their settings.

Once a year, we offer our JA bridal customers complimentary professionally cleaning and refurbishing at our licensed repair facility. This will include professional cleaning, polishing and rhodium finish. At this same time, our licensed repair facility will complete a thorough and routine check of your ring to make sure all stones are secure. At this time, we will identify any recommended repairs to bring your ring back to a like-new condition.



We proudly offer an Add-On Lifetime Care Plan from JM® Care Plan for your John Atencio jewelry purchases. Our Lifetime Care Plan is offered at the time of purchase only.

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