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Summer Jewelry Trends in 2022

2022, jewelry trends, summer
Summer Jewelry Trends in 2022

Summer means lighter clothing and more opportunities to show off your favorite jewelry pieces. So which designs are trending in 2022? Read on to learn the most popular pieces turning heads this summer.

Everyday Gold

During the summer, when shirts and shoes are optional, other items become wardrobe essentials. This year, everyday gold jewelry has become a stylish staple for countless women throughout America. The trick to this 2022 trend is choosing pieces in varying textures — braided, chain-link and herringbone all being fashionable winning options. Use any of these to dress up a flattering sundress or pair them with your favorite t-shirt and jeans to help you shine on fun, casual days.

Statement Necklaces

An unexpected trend in 2022 centers on bold, noticeable statement pieces. Among the most popular options, eye-catching necklaces have become a fresh, cool way to spice up summer outfits. From glittering diamond necklaces and colorful gemstone pendants to symbolic cross necklaces and other meaningful designs; single statement pieces have become popular among contemporary fashionistas who want a change of pace from traditional layered necklace looks.

White Gold

In case you missed it, white gold has become the new “it” metal for everyday summer wear. The pretty pale jewelry has the same timeless feel as classic yellow gold but creates an edgier, more refined look. If most of your everyday staple jewelry is yellow gold, consider mixing metals and layering on some white gold necklaces, bracelets or rings to create a more impactful look.


The traditional December birthstone, turquoise has broken from its wintry pigeonhole and burst onto the scene as a trendy summer favorite. The gorgeous sea-blue color pairs beautifully with warm-weather outfits, especially when accented with glittering white diamond gemstones.

summer jewelry bracelet in turquoise by John Atencio

A perfect example is John Atencio’s compelling Bermuda collection. Inspired by the startling gem-colored waters of Bermuda, John blends gentle curves with striking matrix turquoise cabochons and fiery pave diamonds for an absolutely brilliant 14 karat gold collection.


Nothing says “summer” quite like lustrous white pearlescent bracelets, earrings and necklaces. Connecting modern women to the treasures beneath the deep blue sea, pearls add significance to any ensemble, whether you’re dressing up a casual look or punctuating your finest formal attire. Elegant yet playful, shiny pearl pieces are the ideal complement to your favorite summer whites.

Versatile and timeless, pearls go with just about anything, from breezy summer and elegant soirées to your favorite t-shirt and jeans. Experience Effortless elegance and sophisticated style with John Atencio’s June birthstone earrings. Lustrous pearl bracelets also provide a nice splash of elegance that pairs perfectly with smart, yet relaxed ensembles.

Pavé Style Diamonds

An exceedingly popular winter trend, pavé style diamonds continue to turn heads as the mercury levels rise. With this trending style, smaller diamonds are combined to create a scintillating look that’s exceptionally stunning. And since they glitter with such intensity, you get more sparkle for a lower price tag in many instances.

Take, for instance, John Atencio’s Apollo cuff bracelet. Inspired by the stirring duality of perseverance and fortitude, John uses a mix of compelling textures and artful design elements in sterling silver and 14 karat gold to craft an inherently bold and distinctive sterling silver piece that glitters with the fire of strategically set pavé diamond gemstones. Another good example is the Arrivo Narrow Pave Diamond Cuff Bracelet, a fashionably feminine design with nearly a half-carat of scintillating pave diamond gems.

From rings to pendants and everything in between, John has an intriguing selection of jewelry featuring all sorts of eye-catching pavé designs. Glittering with fire, his white diamond pavé pieces contrast beautifully with tanned summer skin. At the same time, John offers a number of black pavé diamond pieces, which have also become a popular way to add an edge to summer evening wear.

From fashion-forward trends to timeless designs, John Atencio has an intriguing collection of popular jewelry pieces for every single style. Whatever your taste, these fashionable selections can elevate your summer look, whether you’re shopping with friends, lounging by the pool or enjoying an exhilarating night on the town.

Looking for a trendy summer jewelry piece to elevate your look? Searching for that perfect gift for that special person on your shopping list? Visit any John Atencio location, and our attentive consultants can help you find a uniquely alluring jewelry piece that will take your look to a whole other level.