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What Is the Color of the Year? And How Can You Mix It with Your Jewelry?

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What Is the Color of the Year? And How Can You Mix It with Your Jewelry?

As the new year kicks off, people are celebrating the next trendy color of the moment. Like other noteworthy hues from previous years, the 2024 color of the year aims to capture the cultural mood–communicating renewal, cheerfulness, and creativity for the months ahead. 

Read on to learn the color of the year for 2024 and get some insightful tips for choosing jewelry that compliments this intriguing shade.

What is the Color of the Year for 2024?

Drumroll, please! This year's color is none other than apricot! The warm yet vibrant hue brings a refreshing pop of personality into fashion and much-needed warmth as we enter the dreary winter months. 

After years saturated by trendy muted color palettes, apricot strikes a bright and inviting balance. Reminiscent of a desert sunset, this vibrant yet earthy tone adds warmth and richness to any aesthetic. 

Like all trending colors, apricot helps capture the cultural zeitgeist of the moment. Its golden glow speaks to renewed optimism on the horizon, beckoning lightheartedness after recent tumultuous years. Vibrant yet grounded in nature’s palette, apricot accessorizes the hopeful mindset of a new era filled with possibility.

If you adore the look of apricot, you’re in good company. As jewelry designers like John Atencio demonstrate, this versatile shade pairs beautifully with fine jewelry across metal colors and gemstone varieties. By thoughtfully coordinating your pieces, you can fully embrace stylish apricot accents from head to toe.

Warm Hues Strike a Chord

Like the first emerging flower buds of spring, apricot's fiery shades convey a sense of renewal that many crave. This welcoming warmth also provides a dose of comfort and familiarity. 

Reminiscent of beloved autumnal tones, the color strikes a nostalgic chord while still feeling fresh and modern. These nurturing qualities explain it's quickly broadening appeal in the worlds of design, beauty, and of course, fashion jewelry.

Luckily for jewelry lovers, apricot is incredibly versatile. It pairs beautifully with a wide variety of metals and colored gemstones.

Yellow gold is a natural match, harmonizing perfectly with apricot’s vibrant golden tones. For an especially striking look, you can also pair apricot with vivid blue topaz stone accents. Their contrasting hues make both pop dramatically against the warmer background shade.

woman wearing topaz jewelry a trending color of the year

Citrine makes another excellent gemstone pairing. Its golden yellow vibrancy mirrors and intensifies apricot for a beautifully cohesive look. For added sparkle, surround citrine center stones with a border of clear, ethically sourced diamonds. Their scintillating brilliance plays beautifully against warmer tones such as apricot.

John Atencio’s Signature Collection offers many exquisite apricot-friendly designs. Uniquely alluring, these one-of-a-kind designs are inspired by exotic, hand-selected gemstones.

Gorgeous gold bracelets, necklaces, and earrings also shine when paired with 2024’s color of the year. Bright yellow gold creates a breathtaking expression of the apricot aesthetic, especially when paired with the vibrancy of blue topaz, amethyst, and citrine.

The Allure of Color Trends

Beyond just apricot, color experts have identified several influential tones that will drive fashion this coming year. Like the influential color of the year, these emerging trends offer guidance for both designers and jewelry lovers on key shades to integrate. This year’s most popular hues reflect a diversity of styles, ranging from versatile neutrals to lively brights.

Some key color trends for 2024 include Steel Grey, Cherry Red, Abstract Pink, Nutshell Brown, and Sage Leaf Green. These starkly different hues speak to the eclecticism ruling fashion trends, offering a wide stylistic palette for personal expression.

By thoughtfully incorporating accent colors that complement bold hues, jewelry becomes an impactful finishing touch. Skillfully blending metal tones and colored gems creates dimension and visual interest. It also allows you to develop a color story that feels cohesive yet unique.

Choosing Vibrant Color Duos

Beyond singular standout hues, color contrast also makes a dramatic style statement. Pairing bright gemstone colors against neutral metals or diamonds creates an eye-catching display.

This spring, sunny yellow gold tones dominate the runway, especially when paired with soft pastel gemstone accents. John Atencio’s glamorous gold bracelets and necklaces shine when accented with soft turquoise and glittering diamonds. The pairing of vibrant and muted tones beautifully captures this emerging color trend.

woman wearing turquoise jewelry a trending color of the year

Equally dramatic but with higher contrast, cherry reds, and emerald greens make regular appearances this season. As seen in John Atencio’s striking Paloma designs, bold duality announces itself stylishly among the most popular fashion trends of 2024.

Paloma designs by John Atencio showing trending colors of the year

Embracing Expressive Color

Fashion offers a powerful vehicle for creative expression and personal identity. Like a living piece of art, thoughtfully designed fine jewelry makes an elegantly substantial statement. One increasingly popular way to communicate unique style perspectives is through the strategic use of color. By incorporating rising color trends into your look, you can participate in the collective mood while still retaining your own personal flair.

Creative designers like John Atencio specialize in transforming gold, diamonds, and gemstones into wearable art. Each piece tells a distinct story reflecting the designer’s creative perspective. This ethos empowers clients to use fine jewelry as a means of aligning outer beauty with inner truths.

By thoughtfully incorporating pieces that harmonize with your color palette, you can develop an integrated, purposeful style profile. One that seamlessly blends your individual spirit with the prevailing aesthetics of the era, allowing you to simultaneously stand out while connecting deeply with the current cultural landscape.

Investing in Timelessness

While appealing at the moment, trend-driven pieces often lose their allure after the season passes. But when you invest in signature looks, you enjoy timeless style season after season.

Over nearly half a century, John Atencio has continually captured the sublime essence of jaw-dropping fine jewelry design. Blending influences that span millennia, regions, and cultures, his trademark aesthetic always feels distinctively impactful yet simultaneously time-honored.

woman wearing colorful jewelry by John Atencio

By incorporating John Atencio’s ethically hand-crafted, uniquely personal showstoppers into your collection, you become part of a legacy. And not just any legacy, but one that retains relevance and magnificence for generations–no matter which colors dominate the catwalks from year to year. 

Responsible Luxury Is the Real Fashion Trend

The greatest hidden cost of fast fashion is the ethical toll it exacts environmentally and socially. In contrast, investing in responsibly crafted fine jewelry grants you stunning heirlooms infused with meaning and sentiment–without unwanted impacts.

As a distinguished jewelry designer, John Atencio takes immense pride in aligning creative passion with ethical principles. His unwavering pledge to ethically sourced, conflict-free, sustainable materials demonstrates his commitment to stewarding jewelry traditions with ecological and social responsibility. 

Shop online or visit one of our locations to find dazzling, ethically sourced fine jewelry that pairs beautifully with trendy fashions showcasing every color of the rainbow.