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Color Me Happy!

Color Me Happy!

Color Me Happy

Palm trees, sun, shopping, late night dinners. Vacation? On the contrary. 

One of the benefits of working in the jewelry industry is the travel to warm places such as Tucson, Arizona for the AGTA (American Gem Trade Association) Color Gemstone show. This show has been John’s office for this past week. 

Scouring the 205,000 square foot facility, looking for ‘The One’ special gem to work with was the agenda for the week. 

John began creating one of a kind pieces out of, literally, a box. About four years ago, shortly after moving production locations, he ‘found’ a small, forgotten box.  Inside the box? Gemstones!

Beautiful color of different shapes and sizes to be used in completely unique ways. The Signature Collection grew from this small box and now has over 150 pieces which vary from pendants and rings to earrings.  These are fine samples of art in wearable form. Designed for the purpose of being entirely unique. One stone, one design. No other one like it. Anywhere. And John conceived of its shape for one person to wear. Is there a Signature piece out there for you? There are several in the collection placed in each of our six stores or view them online. Below are photos of new gemstones purchased this last week. Watch for them to appear in their gold and diamond art form in the near future. Fall in love with one and….color yourself happy!