Design of the Times

November, 29 2016

Design of the Times: Atelier Zobel and John Atencio 

By:  Monica Stephenson of JCK Magazine


I’m looking forward to saying hello to John Atencio and his team. For four decades (!), this prolific designer has created many collections with a thoroughly recognizable aesthetic. Each design reflects a sculptural approach, with lush depth and layers. Whether diamond or gemstone, ring or earrings, John’s attention and direction are apparent in

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Boulder and the Beautiful: The dreams you plant

November, 07 2016

The first thing John Atencio asks me is, "Do you believe in dreams?"

No small talk. No predictable conversation starter. Just straight to the soul. Do you believe?

"Um, yes," I fumble. I do. Very much. But I feel vulnerable admitting it to a stranger. And maybe a little silly.

"Do you have a child?"

Wasn't I supposed to be the one conducting this interview? I tell him about Bettie Anne, first-grader.

"When I was your daughter's age, my

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