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Opened as a tribute to Boulder’s unique surroundings, this John Atencio boutique reflects the attention to detail put into every design. Located near the Pearl Street Mall, this spacious gallery, using the Flatirons as a natural backdrop, invites you to shop at ease and see our jewelry in a natural setting. Each piece is hand designed by John, each carrying its own story that will resonate with your life.

Over 43 years since opening his first store, this award-winning John Atencio concept store stands as a vision of how life’s occasions should be celebrated. The downtown Boulder location showcases all of John’s collections, including our engagement rings, women’s wedding rings, men’s jewelry, the John Atencio Signature collection, and more. Visit our location on Pearl West today during your stroll through one of the most interesting places in Boulder and allow our consultants the honor of helping you find the perfect tribute to celebrate all of life’s occasions.

The Pearl West and Downtown Boulder have a plethora of restaurants, events, shopping and more. When visiting our location, make sure to walk around and see what makes Boulder a destination for Coloradoans from all corners of the state. With concerts, walks, and other events along the mall, you’ll find something for you, your loved ones, or friends when you visit. Visit the Downtown Boulder Partnership website for a list of events to pop in on.

With Foodie Friday specials, happy hours scattered along Pearl Street, and restaurants serving five-star meals – there’s something for everyone’s appetite in Boulder. The Boulder Beer Trail is a unique experience through downtown to consider after a hard day’s shopping at John Atencio and elsewhere.

Visit our Pearl Street Mall location today, browse the John Atencio collections, and then spend the rest of your day enjoying everything Downtown Boulder has to offer to celebrate your new purchase.


1048 Pearl St, STE 111
Boulder, CO 80302


Store Hours
Monday – Saturday 11am – 6pm
Sunday – Closed

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