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Glossary: Dinosaur Bone

Made out of ancient fossils, dinosaur bone jewelry brings an exceptionally unique element to any look. Distinctive and durable, these inspired pieces are composed of rare agatized fossils, which only form under special circumstances in specific environments. The resulting material can be processed into incredibly compelling dinosaur bone rings, necklaces and wedding bands.

Unlike typical fossilized bone, agatized fossils have been re-mineralized over time with silica-based compounds, such as opal, jasper, chalcedony or agate. Traced back 150 million years when monstrous creatures roamed the planet during the Late Jurassic Age, ordinary dinosaur bones are often unearthed throughout every part of the world. That said, the highly agatized and uniquely patterned dino bone used in jewelry is primarily found in the so-called Four Corners region in the United States, where Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and Utah meet.

These regions have unique qualities that lead to aqueous intrusion, a necessary condition that promotes the formation of agatized fossils. For an aqueous intrusion to naturally occur, local strata layers need to be uplifted so superheated, silica-rich groundwater can force aqueous solutions and water into the microscopic pores of the fossilized bone.

This exceedingly rare process transpired on the famous Colorado Plateau approximately 35 million years ago, creating the exquisitely patterned dinosaur bone used in modern dino jewelry. That said, before they are expertly refined, carefully cut and polished, dinosaur fossil fragments look similar to ordinary rock.

How Are Dinosaur Bone Rings Made?

Because they are fossils, Dinosaur bones are essentially rock, which is brittle compared to typical jewelry materials. To cope with this reality, master craftsmen inlay each bone - not as a single intact piece - but as a mosaic composed of crushed bits of dinosaur fossils. This helps to ensure that the ring will be strong enough for everyday wear.

Jewelry makers start by crushing the bone into small pieces. They then inlay these fragments into the ring groove. The experts then use a very strong resin to seal the band. Finally, the ring is sanded smooth and polished to a high sheen, so it has a nice, glossy appearance.

The varying colors and unique patterns in dinosaur jewelry come from minerals such as chlorite, manganese, chromium and iron-oxide, which enter the bone's porous cells during the fossilization process. This adds a very compelling look to each jewelry piece, making it very distinctive and one of a kind.

When polished, dino jewelry has a lustrous, smooth surface. Jewelry-grade dinosaur fossils are usually cut en cabochon to emphasize their beautifully unique patterns. They're also used as inlays that pair exceptionally well with a variety of precious metals.

Is Dinosaur Bone Jewelry Ethical?

Consumers can usually be sure their dinosaur jewelry is ethically sourced as long as they shop at reputable providers. John Atencio’s ethical supplier relationships don’t just ensure optimal quality and wide design options; they also ensure that every dino jewelry piece is ethically sourced.

No agatized fossils are ever collected from protected federal or state lands. Likewise, no museum-worthy specimens are damaged to extract the gem-grade materials inside. To create stunning, strong dinosaur bone rings, John’s suppliers procure agatized fossils that are too tiny to be showcased in museum exhibits.

What Are the Advantages of Dinosaur Bone Jewelry?

Dino jewelry holds obvious appeal to anyone who appreciates uniquely compelling jewelry. It’s especially attractive to couples who want wedding bands that hold special meaning and symbolism. Dinosaur bone wedding rings bring an attractive edge to any look while adding a uniquely beautiful element to your union.

Sealed for water protection and durability, John Atencio’s masterfully crafted dinosaur rings are 150-million-year-old pieces of history. Variations between each piece’s unique mosaic ensure a distinctive ring unlike any other. Available in black, red and tan, these stunning jewelry pieces come in a diverse assortment of styles. You can choose from a variety of precious metals with dinosaur bone inlays in the center, off-center or side of the band.

John Atencio’s dinosaur bone rings also come with an iron-clad, lifetime guarantee. If a jewelry piece should ever fail because of a defect, John will happily replace it at no additional cost.