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Glossary: Rose Gold

Rose Gold

Increasingly popular in the jewelry world, rose gold is a delicate balance of yellow gold, silver and copper. Read on to learn why this precious metal has become so trendy among modern consumers.

How Is Rose Gold Made?

The term rose gold refers to a blend or “alloy” made by combining copper and pure gold. The mixture of these two metals alters the color of the final alloyed product along with its karat. For instance, the most common rose gold alloy is 25% copper and 75% pure gold, which creates 18k rose gold. Altering the percentage of either metal in the mixture will alter the karat.

Pure 24K yellow gold is the base metal for every gold color and quality. Unfortunately, pure gold is much too soft for jewelry. For this reason, it must be alloyed with other metals to make it more durable for everyday wear. Varying alloy recipes determine all kinds of metal used in jewelry, including platinum, yellow gold, white gold and rose gold.

Typically, a combination of gold and copper yields a bold reddish color. By adding a small quantity of silver, however, a milder rose color is created. By adding just a little more silver, you get a light variant of rose gold known as “pink gold.”

A Storied History

Rose gold was originally used in early 19th century Russia when the famous jeweler Carl Faberge incorporated the alloy in his coveted Faberge Eggs. Known then as “Russian gold,” the metal later gained popularity in the U.S. amid the lavish roaring 1920s.

Over the decades, rose gold’s popularity has waxed and waned, dictated mostly by celebrities and fashion icons. These days, the blush metal has once again claimed a prominent place in the style sections of popular magazines.

Why Is Rose Gold So Popular?

Rose gold has become a trendy favorite lately, appearing on everything from lustrous iPhone shells to champagne-colored runway dresses. It has also become a major force in the jewelry world due to its intriguing combination of durability, affordability and exceptional blush beauty. Romantic, modern and often unexpected, rose gold brings warmth to any ensemble. It also conveys luxury, compassion and composure, while adding a beautiful glow to any skin type.

Not everyone can pull off yellow or white gold jewelry. Rose gold, on the other hand, is flattering on just about any type of skin. This makes it a safer choice if you’re unsure how to match a jewelry gift or engagement ring with a recipient’s skin type. Rose gold also complements a wide array of clothing styles, making it popular among modern fashionistas.

From rose gold engagement rings to rose gold wedding bands, the metal has also become a trendy choice for modern grooms and brides. Celebrities and everyday people are also regularly seen wearing more and more rose gold necklaces, rose gold earrings and beautifully designed rose gold bracelets.

Is Rose Gold More Expensive than Other Types of Gold?

In most instances, rose gold is not necessarily more expensive than traditional yellow gold. Since 14k or 18k rose gold has the exact same amount of pure gold as 14k or 18k white or yellow gold, they typically cost about the same.

Does Rose Gold Tarnish?

While rose gold does not tarnish, its color can change over time. That said, the change is moderate and gradual. Over time, rose gold may become slightly redder or darker; however, it can take decades for this to occur.

What Colors go with Rose Gold?

Rose gold jewelry tends to go well with neutral colors such as cream, beige, black and white. It can also mix well with dark greens and deep blues. It doesn’t tend to blend well with reds, oranges or yellows which can sometimes clash in unappealing ways.

Rose gold is a beautifully subtle color that creates elegant fine jewelry. Because it offers romantic connotation and vintage appeal, the blush metal can be used to make stunning engagement rings. Despite being so popular, however, rose gold is not widely available at a lot of jewelry stores – but it is available at John Atencio.

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