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Sizing Guide

About our Sizing

At John Atencio, we craft our designs in standard stock sizes. We find that this sizing is generally a good fit. We do provide a range of specific smaller and larger sizing options to accommodate your sizing needs. For the most part, we are able to size our rings up or down 1 ½ sizes from our stock sizes. Sizing of bracelets and rings (beyond this limitation), may require up to six weeks for production. A down payment will be required to initiate a special size order. Here is information on our standard sizing for both men and women’s designs:


Women Sizing Standards

Women’s ring stock sizes are 6 ½ for Gold and a size 7 for Silver.

Women’s Bracelets range from 7 ½”-8” depending on the bracelet style.

Necklaces and pendants are provided in 18” lengths. We stock chains for pendants in 20” and 24” lengths. Pricing for extended lengths depend on material and design.


Men’s Sizing Standards

Men’s ring stock sizes are a size 10.

Men’s Bracelets average 8 ½”.


Should you have questions regarding our sizing or your specific sizing needs, please reach out to one of our stores or email us with your questions at