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Mens Matrix Black Agate Beaded Bracelet with a 14KT gold and Sterling Silver Magnetic Clasp

Matrix Black Agate Beaded Bracelet

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Product Details
  • Sterling Silver and 14-karat Yellow Gold
  • Black Agate beads, 6mm
  • Bracelet with magnetic clasp
  • Bracelet measures 6-10mm wide


About the Collection

John blends bold, oxidized patterning with iconic circle, triangle and line symbols to create a uniquely personal statement in his newest Matrix Men's collection. John created these symbols as the three keys to communication, addressing the struggles that exist within each of us in balancing family and relationships.

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Gift Presentation
Gift Presentation

Behind the jewelry

We think there is too much symmetry in the world. From his early days, John Atencio challenged the many conventions in jewelry design to create a striking aesthetic that is now celebrated around the globe.

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