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8 Tips for Traveling with Your Fine Jewelry

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8 Tips for Traveling with Your Fine Jewelry
Packing for a vacation or business trip? You may be wondering if you should bring along your favorite jewelry pieces. Whatever your destination, there’s no need to leave your best look at home. While all travel comes with risk, you can reduce the chances of theft, damage or loss by taking the following precautions.

Keep it close. Never stow your fine jewelry pieces in your luggage, or they could end up in another city halfway across the world. It’s best to take your jewelry as a carry-on item, so you will know where it is at all times. With that said, you’ll need to keep a close watch on your carry-on bag in case someone has targeted you for theft.

Alert officials, when necessary. If your insurance provider requires you to notify them of travel, be sure that you do. Also, for international travel, remember that you are required to report to Customs the transport of any goods with a value exceeding $10,000.

Snap photos. It’s always a good idea to snap a few photos of all the jewelry you plan to take. This way, if a piece is lost and then eventually found, you can use the photos to prove it is yours. You may also be able to use the photos to help make a claim with your insurance provider.

Keep it secure. Be sure that you’ve booked a hotel room with a safe, so you can secure your jewelry when you’re not wearing it. Whether you’re swimming at the pool or working out at the hotel gym, it’s nice to know your valuable jewelry pieces are safely locked up where no one can get them.

At the same time, you need to make smart choices about when to wear your jewelry. This may mean not wearing glittery diamond jewelry pieces in dangerous urban areas. It surely means not wearing it in the following circumstances:
  • In cold water: The cold temperature of lakes, oceans, rivers and pools can cause your finger size to temporarily shrink, allowing rings to easily slip off the finger.
  • In the pool or hot tub: Chlorine can discolor or damage metals such as platinum and gold; it can also erode the polish and finish of gemstones.
  • In harsh sunlight: UV rays can bleach or discolor some jewelry materials.
  • While applying sunscreen: Substances in lotion and bug spray can get stuck in prongs, chains and crevices, creating a film on your jewelry that makes it look dingy and dull.
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Stay organized. Need to keep your jewelry from getting scratched or tangled? Monday through Sunday pill boxes are ideal for storing and organizing jewelry. They’re inexpensive and sturdy. They can even help you plan what to wear every day of the week. Most importantly, they can protect your jewelry pieces from getting damaged by the other contents in your bags.

Know when to conceal. We all want to flaunt our most beautiful jewelry pieces. In certain instances, however, discretion is the smarter option. If you find yourself in a dangerous or unknown area, conceal expensive jewelry from prying eyes. While it may be hard to resist showing off your rings, bracelets and necklaces, you don't want to make yourself a target.

Don’t bring everything. No matter where you’re going, a vacation should be a break from daily worries. For most leisure travel, it’s best to leave behind anything you might worry about losing. If something has significant emotional or monetary value, consider leaving it at home unless it’s a critical part of an outfit for a special trip event.

Get insured. Has your jewelry been appraised and insured? Does your policy cover worldwide travel? Do you have any type of travel insurance that will cover jewelry?

Always be sure you have an insurance policy and understand its limitations. Consider updating your appraisals before you travel and make sure you're covered for full value for common causes of loss. This will help you relax and enjoy your trip without having to worry as much about your jewelry collection.

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