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Top Trends in Men's Wedding Bands for 2021

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Top Trends in Men's Wedding Bands for 2021

More and more men are looking to celebrate their unions with sleek, stylish wedding bands. Which designs are getting the most attention? Read on to learn about the biggest men’s wedding band trends of 2021.

Enhanced Comfort

Modern ring designers have worked hard to enhance comfortability in men’s wedding bands. Many of today’s rings are designed with a beveled inner surface that allows them to slide off and on much easier. These “comfort fit” rings are a pleasure to wear and generally preferred over rings that feature flat inner surfaces.

Legendary Metals

Blended from an assortment of varying metals, Damascus steel has a storied history deeply rooted in battle and glory. The artfully crafted metal is characterized by distinctive patterns reminiscent of beautiful flowing water, with some versions taking on a rose or ladder mottling.

Once used to forge razor-sharp medieval swords, Damascus steel was reputed to be exceptionally durable, near-shatter-proof, and capable of being worked into an exceptionally sharp, formidable edge. These days, the famous metal makes an especially compelling men’s wedding ring, especially when crafted by a master jeweler, such as John Atencio.

Other-Worldly Materials

These days, men’s wedding bands can be crafted from all sorts of exotic materials including “falling stars.” More commonly known as meteorites, these solid chunks of debris are fragments of comets or asteroids, which have traveled countless light-years on an inevitable collision course with Earth.

meteorite in sky

Harvested from the famous Gibeon Meteorite, these specimens are exceedingly rare, making them a very compelling material for men’s wedding bands. Modern jewelers are able to incorporate these unique and unusual bits of interstellar debris into stunning designs that attract attention for all the right reasons.

Millions of Years in the Making

A uniquely impressive jewelry material, dinosaur bone has become one of the biggest men’s wedding band trends. Distinctive and durable, each piece is crafted out of agatized fossils which are an extraordinarily rare material.

With these trendy wedding bands, the original dinosaur bone has been re-mineralized over millions of years with silica-based compounds, such as opal, jasper, chalcedony or agate. Traced back to monstrous creatures that roamed the planet during the Late Jurassic Age 150 million years ago, gem grade dinosaur bones have varying patterns and colors due to the presence of chlorite, manganese, chromium and iron oxide. This creates a uniquely intricate look that produces intriguing jewelry pieces that are always one of a kind.

Echoing the inspiring history of a bygone era, John Atencio’s stunning dinosaur bone wedding bands are an inspired way to honor the past and celebrate your future.

Classic Gold

A traditional favorite, gold remains a trendy choice for modern men. When it comes to selecting a handsome wedding band, you simply cannot go wrong with this popular precious metal.

Pale white gold adds an especially intriguing element of refined sophistication to a man’s finger. The effect is even more pronounced when paired with fiery brilliant-cut diamonds or a stylish matte black ceramic inlay.

Alternative Metals

In the search for more distinctive wedding bands, more and more men are coveting alternative materials. A durable, lustrous metal, black zirconium is a bold choice with a formidable rating of 9 on the Mohs scale for hardness.

Beautifully reminiscent of sleek plated platinum, cobalt provides the same look and feel of white gold for around a third of the price.

Heavier than tungsten, tantalum is another popular wedding band material among modern men. Gunmetal-gray, this handsome rare earth metal offers dense durability and a beautiful polished sheen.

Outdoor Style Rings

Whether they wish to connect with the great outdoors or show off their love of sports, modern men have shown a growing affinity for outdoor and lifestyle men's wedding bands. These eye-catching rings have an intriguing appeal and a fashionable flair that goes great with casual and formal attire. Inspired by nature, John Atencio’s alluring selection includes expressive pieces defined by skilled craftsmanship, innovative materials and uniquely handsome designs.

Searching for a distinctive men’s wedding band? Visit any nearby John Atencio location, and our knowledgeable experts can help you find a trendy, sophisticated ring that perfectly matches your style. Let our courteous team can show you how to select a stylish wedding band with an attractive inlay to honor your walk down the aisle.