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Garnet Jewelry: Our Top January Birthstone Gifts

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Garnet Jewelry: Our Top January Birthstone Gifts

Updated 1/1/2024

Long thought to ignite joy and passion, garnet is a versatile gemstone with an intriguing red glow. Bold and earthy, garnet birthstone jewelry is a vibrant way to enhance your look and a wonderful gift idea to help celebrate big moments. Let’s look at some of our favorite January birthstone gift ideas for the special person in your life. 

The Allure of Garnet

January’s colorful birthstone garnet is prized for its deep red hues. Latin for seed, garnet earned its name for its resemblance to the richly colored pomegranate. Thought to symbolize life, love, and victory in many cultures, the gem has a long and fascinating legacy. For thousands of years, the garnets were worn by kings, emperors, and Egyptian pharaohs, often entombed with the prized stones. In ancient Rome, officials used signet rings with carved garnets to stamp the melted wax that sealed royal and senate documents.

These days, January’s birthstone remains popular in everyday jewelry and alternative engagement rings. The gorgeous gemstones have a formidable Mohs rating of between 7.5 and 8.5, which makes them well-suited for everyday wear.

Associated with the human life force, heart, and inner fire, garnets have long been regarded as symbols of love and friendship. This makes garnet jewelry a popular gift idea for people born in January and, truth be told, any month of the year. 

Available in modern and antique-inspired designs, garnets look gorgeous paired with glittering white diamonds. The compelling red stone brings intriguing color to designer rings and alternative engagement ring designs. Garnet birthstone earrings, bracelets, and necklaces also make great gifts, especially when showcased in uniquely intriguing jewelry designs.

Garnet Ring

From ruby red to smoky brown, garnet adds a uniquely compelling and surprisingly versatile element to your valentine’s finger. The intriguing stones look gorgeous paired with gems of contrasting colors. They also look especially stunning paired with glittering luxe diamond accents. 

Garnet's gravity truly stands out as the centerpiece of a ring, adding rich color and a hint of glamor that combine to punctuate the perfect look.

Take, for instance, John Atencio’s Treasure Gemstone and Diamond Ring, a unique piece inspired by the legacy of John’s great Uncle X’s contribution to the creation of Walt Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean. Blending pave diamonds, rhodolite garnet, and fine emerald-cut tanzanite with baguette diamond accents for the very first time, this gorgeous garnet ring is a timeless and treasured statement in lustrous 14-karat gold.

Another striking piece, John’s Arrivo Trillion Ring, showcases eye-catching trillion and diamond sterling silver with 14-karat yellow gold. The faceted rhodolite garnet looks especially compelling alongside the scintillating pave diamond accents, adding a flicker of fire to the finger. 

Garnet Necklace

Worn close to the heart, a beautiful pendant necklace is a meaningful gift that shows how much you care. And when it includes a deep red garnet gemstone, the piece takes on a romantic feel while enhancing the look of formal and casual wear. 

An excellent example is John’s Endearment Gemstone Heart Pendant Necklace. Inspired by the endless circle of life, John brings fluidity, form, and incomparable beauty from every possible dimension. Hand-crafted from sterling silver and 14-karat gold, each endearment pendant provides a lasting statement with a pristine finish and softly contoured lines.

garnet pendant necklace by John Atencio

Another stunning selection, John’s Treasure Gemstone and Diamond Pendant wreaths your neckline in a flickering fire with faceted emerald-cut rhodolite garnet and channel-set baguette diamonds. The Arrivo Trillion Pendant Necklace with Pave Diamonds is another stunning option, featuring an eye-catching trillion-cut garnet that attracts attention and enlivens the senses.

Garnet Earrings

Whatever their outfit, January birthstone earrings are one of the easiest ways to add a touch of color and glam. Garnet earrings are a striking way to frame their beauty in fiery red hues. 

John’s beautiful Treasure Gemstone Studs and Arrivo Trillion Stud Earrings are exceptionally attractive selections that draw admiring eyes to the face. Simple yet alluring, his Antigua Birthstone Stud Earrings are another great choice, as are his stunning Parallel Trillion Drop Earrings, which glitter with eye-catching pave diamonds.

Garnet and Gold

Set in gold, January birthstone jewelry sparkles with classic glamor. The bold gemstone provides a scintillating shimmer alongside refined white gold. Just as compelling, blush rose gold settings bring romantic warmth accentuated by the gemstone’s alluring dark hue.

A versatile gem, garnet looks especially gorgeous alongside timeless yellow gold, bringing out the stone’s depth and emphasizing its bold red hues. This intriguing interplay is harnessed in several of John’s collections, from Treasure and Antigua to Arrivo and more. 

John Atencio brings unique inspiration and design elements to each individual collection, crafting beautifully unique garnet jewelry you won’t find anywhere else on Earth. 

Whether shopping for yourself or looking for that perfect gift, garnet jewelry is a wonderful way to elevate any look and celebrate life’s big moments. Shop online or visit one of our many Colorado locations, where our attentive consultants can help you find the perfect piece.