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How to Shop for Diamonds Online

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How to Shop for Diamonds Online

Thinking of purchasing a loose engagement ring diamond over the internet? There are big risks depending on who you buy from. Here's how to shop for diamonds online, along with some tips for avoiding scams.

What Are Loose Diamonds?

Loose diamonds refer to gem-quality diamonds that have yet to be set in fine jewelry, such as diamond pendants, engagement rings or diamond stud earrings. Whether mined from the earth or grown in a lab, diamonds begin in a rough, jagged state. Expert diamond cutters hone the stones into high-quality gems in a variety of different shapes, from round and emerald to princess, heart and more. These stones are then put up for sale around the world, first to gem wholesalers and later to professional jewelers who set them in pieces of fine jewelry.

With that said, consumers can buy loose natural and lab-grown diamonds too. But is it a good idea? That all depends on who you buy from.

Things to Consider

The internet has given consumers the ability to browse countless diamond listings, examine photos and videos, cross-compare prices, and compare the same gemstone among multiple diamond jewelers. That said, despite all these advances, the one thing that has not changed is trust.

Before you even think about buying a loose diamond online, it’s important to conduct thorough research concerning the source of the gemstone to determine if the site you are dealing with is reputable and trustworthy. This isn’t always easy to deduce. It’s important to do your due diligence, or you could end up with a low-quality diamond. In some instances, disreputable outlets will even sell diamond stimulants that hold very little - if any - real value.

Anytime you purchase a diamond, you want to make sure you are purchasing certified gemstones. Certified diamonds are always subjected to rigorous quality checks by accomplished gemologists to ensure that consumers are getting a high-quality diamond.

Ask for a GIA Diamond Grading Report

No two engagement ring diamonds are exactly the same. From clarity and cut to color and size, they can have major differences that work to determine their value and beauty. A diamond grading report describes in detail the critical traits of each unmounted diamond, be it naturally mined or grown in a lab.

GIA certified loose diamond

A GIA Diamond is a gemstone that has been officially certified by the Gemological Institute of America, the World's leading authority in independent diamond certification. GIA grading reports include ratings that differentiate stones based on fundamental traits (cut, color, clarity, carat) that determine quality, value and aesthetic.

Unfortunately, even if you can get a GIA certification from an online dealer, it can be very difficult to know what that diamond will look like in person and whether it will “speak” to you. This is one of the primary concerns associated with shopping for a diamond online. In almost every instance, customers tend to be more satisfied when they visit John Atencio and look at a range of diamonds within their price range to determine which is best for them.

Making a Smart Decision

Anytime you buy a diamond online, you are accepting a degree of risk and uncertainty unless you are shopping from a trusted, well-known source, such as John Atencio. Diamonds have many key features that can be difficult to detect online; this includes the depth of the stone, as well as the brilliance, fire, scintillation and, in certain instances, fluorescence or lack thereof.

Depending on where and how a diamond is mined, various environmental, social and human rights issues also come into play. Sadly, the worldwide diamond trade can sometimes be used to fund unethical activities, including violent wars and forced labor. Many of the diamonds you see online are also mined in ways that damage the planet’s ecosystem. For just a single carat of diamond mined, for instance, nearly 6,000 pounds of waste can be created and almost 100 square feet of natural land may be disturbed.

With ethically sourced diamonds like the kind sold by John Atencio, this isn’t the case. John’s steadfast commitment to ethical, sustainable diamond sourcing is based on long-standing relationships with reputable miners, diamond suppliers and cutters. This unyielding dedication gives his customers the confidence that John’s diamonds are always free from the taint of war, human exploitation or ecological harm. If you’re planning to purchase a diamond online, you’d be well-advised to check to see if the supplier has the same strict standards as John Atencio.

In almost every instance, it’s best to purchase your diamond from a reputable local jeweler such as John Atencio, who can assure you that a gemstone is ethically sourced and can provide official documentation verifying the quality of the gem. Whether you shop online or visit a local store, you enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your diamond is ethically sourced, expertly cut and beautiful to behold.