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Jewelry Trends 2021: A Look Back at the Hottest Styles

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Jewelry Trends 2021: A Look Back at the Hottest Styles

Have you considered how the style of your favorite jewelry fared in 2021? If you’re a fan of bold and beautiful jewelry, then you have a fashion sense that’s tied to the hottest jewelry trends of 2021. As predicted, 2021 was a banner year for bold jewelry, called for by the houses of fashion and made so by the women and men who chose to make a statement with the jewelry they wear. In fact, as people ventured back out into the public arena in the year of 2021, it became evident that accessorizing with meaningful and memorable jewelry remained important to their self-expression. Master jewelry designer John Atencio stayed on top of jewelry fashion in 2021, proving that his bold and distinctive designs and commitment to quality never go out of style.

sterling silver jewelry by john atencio

Sterling Silver Stayed Hot in 2021

As predicted, sterling silver was indeed one of the top jewelry trends of 2021, riding high on the tide of style. Incorporating sterling silver into his designs has long been a hallmark of John Atencio, and his creations take this popular metal to a level above the ordinary. Inspired by Rome and the attributes of honor and strength, the Antigua Collection by John Atencio is a perfect example of modern sterling silver fashion with its oxidized finish, colorful birthstone cabochons and pave diamonds. Because stacking jewelry is in style, there’s incredible variety within this notable collection of necklaces, bracelets and rings. The strength of sterling silver shines at John Atencio, and it promises to continue into the next year.

bermuda collection designer jewelry by John Atencio

Jewelry Trends in 2021 Featured the Exotic

Glamorous and alluring, the jewelry trends in 2021 celebrated eye-catching exotic jewelry just as they were expected to do. John Atencio has a gift for designing exotically bold jewelry that entices the eyes, like that from his Bermuda Collection introduced in 2021. Eliciting the peaceful blue-green waters of the island of Bermuda by using turquoise cabochons, sparkling pave diamonds and 14k yellow gold and white gold, John designed the Bermuda Collection as an escape from the ordinary. Worn together, the shimmering Bermuda Gemstone Dangle Earrings, Necklace, Bracelet and Ring with Pave Diamonds are a powerful example of the exotic jewelry that was on the mark in 2021.

beaded jewelry by John Atencio

2021 was about Colorful Beads and Pendants

In 2021 beaded jewelry and pendant necklaces were hot items with those in the know, and the bolder the better. Worn with multiple pieces to create visual interest, this fell directly in line with the bold and distinctive jewelry designs of John Atencio, whose beautiful bracelets and necklaces beg to be stacked and layered. From the Solar Collection, the Solar Beaded Bracelet in Orange Chalcedony by John Atencio was a wise choice in 2021, bursting with color and mixing well with the Solar Beaded Bracelets in Amethyst , Crystal and Lapis and the Solar Black Onyx Bead Bracelet. With no signs of fading away, fun beads and bold pendants were definitely among the top jewelry trends of 2021.

2021 was About Responsibly Sourced Jewelry

Master jeweler John Atencio was practicing social responsibility long before the international movement gained ground, and he believes the concept of designing and crafting conflict-free jewelry is more important than ever before. As the rest of the world moves to catch up to the concept of environmental protections and fair work wages and conditions for miners, John continues to demand that only recycled gold, conflict-free natural gemstones and lab-grown gemstones be used to handcraft his bold and distinctive creations. Social responsibility is in, so browse John Atencio’s extraordinary collection of natural diamonds and lab-grown diamonds because you can always feel good about wearing a John Atencio.

John Atencio Designs Bold and Distinctive Jewelry

Always on top of the trends with an impressive 46 years of experience designing jewelry for customers around the globe, John Atencio is known for his bold and distinctive creations that make a statement. He draws on his lifetime of inspiration to begin every design as a pencil sketch, so committed to quality that he allows only master artisans to handcraft his designs. A socially responsible jeweler, he demands that only recycled gold and responsibly sourced gemstones be used for the creations that bear his name. Take a moment to discover master designer John Atencio, the man who sets the trend with his bold and distinctive jewelry that makes a statement.

Staying on trend is easy at John Atencio, and the latest fashion-forward jewelry is always available with a simple click at JohnAtencio.com. Browse and buy, or contact a knowledgeable concierge with your questions first. Website purchases are quick and convenient, but our invitation always stands for you to experience our stunning selection in person at one of our boutique stores. Always celebrate life with a genuine John Atencio.